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by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

This wireless visitor Driveway Alarm from OPTEX is one of Home Security Store’s most highly rated and recommended products. That’s because OPTEX has really perfected its advanced and reliable wireless technology in the long RF transmission range of the Wireless 1000 which, as the name implies, is 1000 feet.

You can use the Wireless 1000 for many applications including as a perimeter alert for your home or shop, driveway alarm to detect approaching vehicles, an entry or walkway chime, a wireless doorbell, and as a warehouse delivery notification system. In addition, the Wireless 1000 can help monitor hard to see areas or shoplifting zones, dressing rooms and fitting rooms, unauthorized exits, jewelry display boxes, and drive-up windows.

The Wireless 1000 has 2 detection patterns. A long range of 50 feet and a fan pattern range of 17 feet. The detection pattern adjusts easily for perfect aiming. In addition, the Wireless 1000 can alert you by 3 different chime tones that a zone has been breached. The alert tones have 5 different sensitivity levels and can be set to sound up to 80 dB. If you choose to incorporate more transmitters, the receiver can also identify which zones have been breached by certain tones. Up to 12 transmitters can be incorporated.

The Wireless 1000 not only operates as a perimeter awareness system, but can trigger other devices such as door strikes, lights, sirens, cameras, and more. The system is triggered when someone passes by the system sensor, but can also work manually by a hand-held push-button device which is sold as an accessory and has a transmission range of 700 feet.

The sensor is about the size of a softball and is designed to mount easily on walls, ceilings, fence posts, and desktops. The sensor is also weather-proof. The receiver is about the size of an average hand and can be held, mounted to a wall, or stood up on a table.

With the Wireless 1000, installation is easy. Just two buttons prompt all the set-up functions needed. Again, as the name implies, no wiring is required and you can install the system anywhere inside or outside a home or business. The sensor operates off a 9V battery which should last on average about two years, and the receiver operates with an AC adapter (which is included in the kit).

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