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by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

Well, this is a neat idea.

The Tonium Pacemaker Pocket-Sized DJ System has just made a two turntables and a mixer fit nicely in the palm of your hand. Thanks, Tonium. Now we can make those Portishead-esque tracks on the subway ride to the office every morning, holla!

The Pacemaker features two independent audio channels which allow you to play two tracks side by side. The beats can be matched easily with one click, and the Pacemaker features a full set of professional audio effects and a crossfader, so suddenly you have unlimited creative control on the music you enjoy.

The Pacemaker’s features include auto beatmatch, timestretch, pitch speed, bend speed, beat graph, loop, reverse, cue play, set cue point, save cue point, auto cue, DJ pause, vinyl pause, headphones crossfader, color FX, beat FX, key, kill-all, effects crossfader, track EQ, master EQ, headphones EQ, normalize sound, record, halt, gain, master lineout volume, lineout volume limiter, lineout crossfader, track navigation filters, and on-the-go cases.

The unit plugs in via USB 2.0 cable and is easily installed in under 10 minutes on almost any computer. A great on-the-go tool for any professional musician, or even just a music enthusiast willing to lay down $500 on a neat idea.

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