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Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Review

by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

The Product: Best Wine Opener

It’s nice to have a good wine opener around the house, especially if you drink nicer wine and/or don’t want to see cork floating around in your wine glass. Wine bottle openers are also good to have to leave out for parties if you are serving wine and the easier they are to figure out how to use the better. Wine bottle openers have come a long way since their humble beginnings with models that require little effort and remove the human error factor.

Recommendation: Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener
Metrokane pretty much started the recent wine opener craze when the Rabbit came out a few years ago, prompting a host of lower priced imitations. The Metrokane Rabbit is an innovative corkscrew that makes opening a bottle of wine very simple and clean. We have all experienced the broken cork that has to be pushed down into the bottle, which can eventually ruin a bottle of wine. Metrokane has taken care of this problem with their Rabbit wine opener, which takes only a few seconds to do its job.

The Rabbit employs two handles which allow you to open just about any wine bottle in just three easy movements in about five seconds; leaving you with cork in hand, ready to enjoy your wine. Whenever we entertain guests and we regularly get comments on the ease at which the rabbit opens bottles and it does so while looking good too. People also seem to really enjoying using it and sometimes open more than the need to just to try it again. The Rabbit wine bottle opener makes an excellent gift for just about any occasion given its versatility, price point and wide variety of models. The bottom line is that the Metrokane Rabbit makes even the most amateur wine drinker look like a connoisseur and, the price is offset by its style, efficiency, and durability.

Devil’s Advocate:
You can still find pretty decent knock offs that perform the same basic function as the Rabbit for about $20, but they definitely won’t be the same quality and may not last as long.

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