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by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

The Waring Pro Blender name is synonymous with quality blenders and has been for more than 70 years. The build quality is exceptional and their appliances are built for durability, and look stunning in any kitchen decor. That exceptional build quality carries on in the Waring Professional Blender PBB Series of blenders.

Waring PBB2 Professional Bar Blender The Waring Professional Blender is a stunning blender used by professional chefs and cooks the world over. A sturdy classic looking base which is available in 4 different colors sets the blender off from all the other blenders on the market.

A 2 speed motor coupled with stainless steel self cleaning blades, this blender is more than enough for household use. Sitting nice and snug on top of the base is a beautiful 40 ounce clover-leaf shaped glass jar. This looks stunning and really sets the blender off. The large size means you can make single batches of soups, sauces, milkshake, ice cream and a whole host of other things in one convenient batch.

There is no complicated push and twist locking mechanism like on other blenders. Instead you simply place the carafe onto the base making sure it’s positioned the right way and it should lock into place easily.

Waring also offer a 1 year limited warranty on the appliance and 5 years limited warranty on the motor, offering the reassurance that the manufacturers are standing by their guarantee of a quality product.

A good quality motor which has 2 speeds, slow and fast is better than blenders which have lots of different speeds, and with the self cleaning blades which can crush ice and frozen fruit so quickly and powerfully you will wonder why you haven’t brought any blender from the Waring Blender PBB Series before now.

All that power needs a heavy duty carafe to go with it and with the Waring Pro Professional Bar Blender PBB Series that’s exactly what you get. It’s beautifully designed and a massive 40 ounces, more than enough for the kitchen.

The heavy duty base comes in 4 different colors from quite white, retro green, ebony and chili red. Having the Waring name placed on the blender shows you that when you purchase the Waring Pro Professional Blender Series of blenders, or any of the Waring’s products for that matter you will be buying a good quality product that will give you hours of happy blending, crushing, mixing or liquefying and will last you a long time, maybe even a lifetime.

Even though the Waring Pro Blender is an excellent blender, there are still a few disadvantages which include a stiff lid, the nylon drive shaft has been known to snap at intervals, and the motor can be a little loud when using the fast setting.

The Waring Pro Blender PBB Series are an excellent addition to any kitchen. You won’t be disappointed with the build or quality of the parts as you mix, crush, grind, purify, chop or blend solids and liquids in seconds.

If you want the perfect milkshake, smoothie, soup or sauces then the Pro Professional Blender series should be the only series of blenders you look at. All this and a sturdy, classic looking base which complements the Waring Professional Blender PBB Series of blenders perfectly. If you want a high quality, durable blender then consider a Waring Pro blender.

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