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by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

Even though the DC11 packs a powerhouse motor to ensure continued suction, it also saves energy by consuming less electricity than other vacuum cleaners. Don’t let its compact size fool you. The DC11 is an efficient, powerful, and easy to use vacuum cleaner.

The Dyson DC11 Telescope Allergy cylinder vacuum cleaner comes with the HEPA filter that has been endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. These endorsements make Dyson vacuums a top rated pick for allergy sufferers.

Dyson vacuums have also been recommended for households with babies and small children with health problems. The clean air turbine head and the HEPA filter work to prevent dust, particles, and microscopic debris from returning to the air during routine vacuuming.

The compact and handy size of the DC11 makes it ideal for apartments and homes with small storage areas. The stylish and lightweight design of the DC11 makes it easy to carry around the house and when attached to the unit the telescoping wand doubles as a convenient handle, as well as simplifying cleaning of those hard to reach places.

A full complement of tools and accessories is included to make housecleaning easier and faster.The six foot hose has been improved over past models and is reviewed by consumers as being kink free and less likely to foul or twist, and more durable than in the past.

Carpets tent to wear at different rates to traffic areas so the Dyson DC11 comes with an automatically adjusting brush bar, which makes transitions from one carpet height to another faster, and more effective.

The floating brush bar needs no adjustment by the operator to accommodate these different wear patterns, the DC11 can transition from one surface to another without adjustment and without losing efficiency.

The accessories included with the Dyson DC11 are the crevice tool, the stair tool, and the brush tool, all of which can be attached to either the end of the hose or to the telescoping wand which makes it easy to clean those hard to reach places.

One of the most unique features of the DC11 is the canister (called cylinder in the UK), which is bag less. The canister is actually two canisters in one; one keeps the dirt in the other keeps your hands clean.

Cleaning out the canister is trouble-free. The outside canister detaches from the unit, keeping the dirt inside until the second canister is opened for convenient dumping.

The two barrel design keeps the floors clean, and reduces accidental spilling after vacuuming. Simple wiping of the inside canister gets rid of dust particles, and the washable lifetime filter means no more shopping for replacement filters or dust bags.

The Dyson DC11 canister all floors vacuum comes with high consumer approval. It offers exceptional cleaning ability, handy and convenient tools, the highest maintained suction in its class, and can be used on all floors. Consumers do not want to buy two or more vacuums to attend to their housecleaning chores.

The powerful but small DC11 appeals to all consumers because it offers everything that larger vacuums come with while exceeding other vacuums in quality and filtration. With strong, superior construction and user friendly features the DC11 is rated as one of the best small vacuums on the market, and is one of the best vacuums that Dyson manufactures.

The Dyson DC11 is not an upright vacuum cleaner so for some the low profile and the necessary posture required to make adjustments and attachments will be a drawback. The routing of the hose for storage is a bit tricky and not obvious.

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