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by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

The level 3 Root Cyclone Technology has earned the DC17 the top spot in the Dyson line. Independent testing proved that the Dyson DC17 (Animal and Full Gear models) operates without suction loss, achieves “best average pick up,” and has been shown to out clean, out last, and out perform other vacuum cleaners from different companies.

The DC17 was designed with pet households in mind, and clog free pick up of trapped pet hair was the design goal. With 220 air watts, this vacuum cleaner provides ample suction to get the job done.

The low reach, low profile floor tool is perfect for cleaning surfaces under the furniture. This is one of the most versatile vacuum tools available.

In addition, the Dyson DC17 comes with a mini turbine head that increases the cleaning power of the attachment. With its own power, the mini turbine head is able to clean more surface area more thoroughly and more efficiently than brush heads that rely solely on the vacuum’s suction power.

The addition of the telescoping quick draw extension wand stores easily on the machine and offers an easy 16 feet of high reach and stair cleaning options. While the Dyson line is known for powerful floor cleaning abilities, the HEPA filtration system clean room air while the vacuum is in use.

The lifetime filter cleans 150 times the amount of particles, mold, dust, bacteria, and dander from the air. When the filter is dirty there is no need to replace it. Its maintenance requires nothing more than a rinse and drying time. Dyson is the only vacuum cleaner on the market to have a certified allergy and asthma friendly rating from the British Allergy Foundation and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

The clear dirt collection barrel is convenient for checking the level of dirt in the canister. Most bag-less vacuum cleaners collect dirt directly into the barrel in such a way that the emptying of the barrel causes small amounts of dirt to fall onto clean floors and hands.

The dirt collection barrel of the DC17 is designed to pop straight out of the vacuum cleaner while maintaining the dirt within the canister. For easy, clean emptying the trigger pulls open the canister and the hands never come in direct contact with the debris.

With no loss of suction and a design that is specially designed to pick up embedded pet hair, the Dyson DC17 vacuum has the power and the attachments to clean the home more completely while minimizing effort. The enhanced ergonomic design makes control and navigation easier and offers the user a relaxed and natural position for the vacuum’s use.

The all floors design means that it can handle carpets, tile, linoleum flooring, hardwood floors, and any other floor surface in the home. The quiet operation is a nice addition to the overall quality of the vacuum cleaner.

The Dyson DC17 is heavy, making it difficult for some consumers to carry it from one floor to another. While the construction is solid, the weight of the machine is a drawback for many consumers.

The cones, not the debris tube, tend to clog if the vacuum cleaner is used to suck up fine dirt, plaster dust, or other very fine dust particles. The cord is quite long enabling a large surface cleaning range but the cord does not retract automatically.

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