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Dyson DC07 Review

by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

The HEPA filtration system that is standard on the DC07 far exceeds both bagged and bag–less competitors. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has certified the HEPA filtration system on the Dyson DC07 upright to be thorough enough for recommendation for asthma and allergy sufferers.

The HEPA filter, which requires no replacement, collects dirt and dust particles, mold, bacteria, and airborne allergens and prevents them from recycling back into the air.

The reversible wand and the extended hose offer more cleaning range in one use. Together the wand and the hose extend to 17 additional cleaning feet, which means that stairs, ceilings, and hard to reach areas can be cleaned without issues.

The DC07’s base unit remains upright even when extended to the full 17 feet, as additional stability prevents the typical hose pull down effect. Coupled with the 37 foot power cord, the user can reach up to 57 feet of cleaning surfaces with just one use.

The stair tool attachment is perfectly suited for carpeted stairs. The contours of the tool design help eliminate missing the edge of the step during cleaning. The rounded edge of carpeted stairs can be cleaned just as thoroughly as the flat surface of the steps.

The firm bristles of the brush bar are effective for pushing through carpet fibers and removing dirt from deep within the carpeting. The brush bar can then be turned off with a one touch control button to protect floors and fine carpets from potential brush bar damage.

This feature makes it easy to go from carpets to bare floors without switching attachments or pausing the cleaning process.

The Dyson DC07 comes with some very clear advantages over other vacuum cleaners on the market. Its design features were obviously created to make cleaning easier, more effective, and more efficient.

The high level of continuous suction combined with the leverage of cleaning surface extended reach make the DC07 an easy to use cleaning machine.

Perhaps one of the greatest disadvantages of the DC07 is that is a discontinued model of the Dyson line. These vacuums can be purchased through Dyson as a refurbished model, but it is no longer possible to get a brand new one.

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