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by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

Finding the right balance in vacuum cleaners can be difficult, however; the Hoover S2220 weighs just right without feeling flimsy. The machine utilizes a 7.4 amp engine to keep your carpet clean and sanitary.

The lightweight design makes vacuuming a fun activity, rather than a cruel form of upper-body exercise. The self-propelling motor guides the machine and reduces the amount of human energy it requires.

This Hoover Stick vacuum was designed with style and practicality in mind. One could easily keep the vacuum in open view without feeling embarrassed. The device features simple controls and a slim multi-colored body that comes in a variety of colors.

While the vacuum may look like a twig, it has the power of a tree. The motor provides adequate cleaning power for the size, however; the collector cup can become full very quickly. Hoover vacuums are known for their great suction, and the Hoover S2220 Flair bagless continues this tradition.

The device includes several nozzles, hoses, and wands to vacuum those hard to reach locations. The large wheels and internal swivel make the device great for cleaning stairs and other fixtures. The S2220 stick vacuum comes with a 20-foot power cord and has wrap hooks for easy cord management. Since the vacuum is only 45 inches x 9 inches it can be stored in compact spaces.

The Hoover Stick S2220 is a great vacuum that is ideal for moderate to light cleaning, however; it is not meant to be used in a commercial environment. Since the vacuum is so light, it is especially appropriate for person(s) with limited mobility.

The S2220 Flair outperforms similar vacuums with the same specifications. Additionally, the vacuum works great in dorm rooms, condos, and apartments.
The main advantage of using the Hoover S2220 Flair bagless vacuum is its weight and compact design. The vacuum is not meant to be a workhorse, however; it will meet the needs of most households. The lightweight design is great for carrying downstairs and travels easily.

Unlike other models in this category, the suction is more than adequate and removes 99.7 percent of the debris in the carpeting. The S2220 is designed for use with carpet and hard floors, making it appropriate for everyone.

The Hoover S2220 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner and must be viewed as such. It is not the ideal solution for someone who wants a workhorse, however; it is appropriate for light and moderate cleanings. The short power cords make this vacuum less desirable for larger households, however; the lightweight design ensures pain-free vacuuming each and every time.

Finding the line between power, usability, and style are difficult, however; Hoover was able to create a machine that is appropriate for a multitude of audiences.

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