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Hoover L2310 Garage Vacuum Review

by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

The Hoover L2310 is meant to be a workhorse and can handle the intensity of a professional environment. The vacuum is constructed with a professional grade material that does not require expensive replacement filters or constant cleaning.

It is a central vacuuming solution and is meant to outlast your garage. The vacuum is made out of heavy-duty steel and features a large, five-gallon capacity.

The included filter has a lifetime warranty and will never need to be replaced. The canister features an easy to open design that makes emptying it a breeze. There are no bags or cords to deal with, making it the real man’s vacuum.

The Hoover garage vacuum utilizes an ergonomic and space saving design that is meant to keep your garage tidy. Unlike other central vacuum systems, there isn’t any bulky wiring or hosiery.

The vacuum has tools that are built onto it for carefree and organized operation. The tools can be wall mounted and it includes a 30-foot hose that is crush-free. There is a mountable storage rack for the hose that can be stored in the garage.

The L2310 garage vacuum is a snap to install, and there is no need for pipes, wiring, or vents. The system gets mounted on the wall by using the storage bracket. Simply hang the power unit on the bracket and plug it in.

There is no need for professional installers or fancy pipes. With Hoover’s 1, 2, 3 setup solution the vacuum will be ready to use within minutes. Since it is wall mounted, there is no need for a dedicated closet or shelf.
The Hoover L2310 is a professional utility vacuum that has the ability to keep up with the demands of craftsmen while serving as a multipurpose device. Whether it is cleaning out the car or picking up sawdust from the garage, the Hoover GUV stands up to the test.

The suction is particularly powerful for the size of the hose, a mere 30 feet. Overall the vacuum outperforms similar models and is relatively inexpensive. The installation and mounting process is painless and can be performed individually.
One of the main disadvantages of using the Hoover L2310 is its suction. While it can pick up nails and screws, the suction is not adequate when the hose is extended to the full 30 feet.

Otherwise, the Hoover GUV L2310 is an incredible device. When it is mounted, you will need to cover up the cables and electrical cords if you want to keep the sleek and professional appearance.

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