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by The Review CrewMay 30, 2010

Several Rogaine users posting at complain of scalp irritation but some say that switching to the original strength or another brand alleviates that problem. A few users complain of the odor associated with Rogaine while others claim that the smell disappears when the product dries. Experts say that some women may have unwanted hair growth, namely on the face, as a result of minoxidil usage, though it is a rare side effect and may be more likely to occur in women with a history of excess facial and body hair.

The best minoxidil research comes from medical journals, such as the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology and the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, where clinical trials and studies of minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) are reported. Paula Begoun uses scientific studies and research as the basis of her opinions of Rogaine and other hair-loss products in her book “Don’t Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me.” The American Hair Loss Association provides an in-depth look at minoxidil — and balding in general — on its website. User reviews are minimal but seem to confirm experts’ opinions of efficacy.

Reviewers say that Men’s Rogaine Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment is an excellent starting place for both men and women experiencing genetic hair loss (known as androgenetic alopecia, or AGA), but reviews suggest that generic versions of 5 percent minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) may be just as effective. Experts say that Rogaine at least slows the progression of hair loss for most that use it, and minoxidil completely stops the progression for some and actually regrows hair for others. Experts add that the best results usually occur when users begin the regimen at the first sign of hair loss. Studies show that Rogaine is not as effective as doctor-prescribed Propecia. Rogaine doesn’t require a prescription and is safe for women, although only the original strength (2 percent minoxidil) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use by women. Experts suggest that men use both treatments for the best results

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