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Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard Review

Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard Review

Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard is one of the latest updates in the long line of Adobe Acrobat software. This program is a necessity when dealing with PDF creation, but it’s had a long line of quirky, buggy, bulky, behavior. While some new things have been brought to the table, there are still a few bugs that need to be worked on.

With Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard you can combine files from multiple applications into one PDF file. With ease you can create fillable PDF forms to retrieve data electronically, and apply basic document security features to everything you create with this software.

You can utilizes passwords to control access to PDFs, and use permissions to limit and control the printing, copying or altering of PDFs as well. That’s about all of the “pluses” to this software. The rest of this article will be dedicated to the list of quirks and bugs that have yet to be addressed.

Acrobat 8 has never integrated with Office 2007, and won’t function with many scanners…unfortunately, neither does Acrobat 9. Even though you’ll be droppping a heavy $300 for this software, Adobe will charge you for any phone support beyond basic install questions. This seems rather unreasonable. Also, be prepared to dedicate quite a bit of time to the install process. The time necessary rivals that of re-installing WindowsXP on your computer, and there are still tons of bugs. Our personal favorite was right after waiting the x amount of hours to install, getting a message that says the system has changed and software must be activated again. Oh, joy!

Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard is probably not the best investment. Period. 2/5 stars.


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