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Antec TruePower 750 Blue Power Supply Review

Antec TruePower 750 Blue Power Supply Review

We asked Antec to send out a TruePower 750 Watt Blue Power Supply for review.  The request was made as part of a build we are featuring shortly that will show step by step how to build an amazing gaming machine from the ground up.  Each component is getting a stand-alone review, in addition to being part of the feature article so this is Antec’s TruePower 750 Blue review.

There are pros and cons to everything you buy in this world and the Antec TruePower 750 Watt Blue Power Supply is no exception.  The blue part of the name is designated because of the blue lighting effect built into the fan of the power supply.  The Antec TP-750 Blue is gorgeous. Ok, so that’s is a bit of a nerd thing to say; but we said it.  The look does it for us. The power output is spot on, the Antec TP-750 Blue meets or exceeds every test we did for good stable power flow.   We even spent close to 2 months beating it up by exposing it to heat and it still performed the way it was designed to. 

As you can see from the photo above the Antec TruePower 750 Blue has a module plug design and that is actually something that we recommend if you are considering a power supply purchase.  The ONE draw back however is for some reason Antec didn’t make the wad of cords you see in the picture modular as well.  This kind of defeats the purpose in a way.  Yes the plugs that aren’t filled with wires can be left alone (giving you more room in your case if you don’t have a need for them), however, one of the major reasons for us to have the entire thing modular is installation.  If those plugs were gone it would be much easier to mount the PSU, and much easier to cable-tie each cable you plug in.

Antec is doing pretty well here don’t you think?  The only thing we can complain about is a wad of cables 🙂   Everything else from look to the most important thing POWER OUTPUT is flawless.  Now the Antec TruePower 750 Watt Power Supply is NVIDIA SLI certified.  The NVIDIA SLI certification is an important characteristic if you are building a gaming machine. Good gaming machine configurations have two video cards that are connected with a technology called “SLI”.  It allows them to work together to process and render your video much faster than if you had only one video card working on it.  As you can imagine with today’s graphic cards that can require a lot of power and with power comes the enemy… HEAT.

This is were the SLI Certification comes into play.  NVIDIA put together a certification program so that consumers could know that if they purchase a power supply that is certified they are going to get a power supply that can handle the task without tanking.  The Antec TruePower 750 Blue meets this criteria.  The Antec TP750 has a special dual layer PCB that optimizes the cooling efficacy while the 120mm PWM fan exhausts the heat and does it without filling the room with a loud annoying fan noise.  In addition the Antec TP-750 Blue is also 80Plus Bronze Certified.  This certification is designed by Energy Star to allow manufacturers that meet the specifications to brand their items with the 80Plus Bronze Certification logo.  This is a designation that means your system is going to use less power and have a lighter negative footprint on the planet.  Being green is important, and being green saves you money in this case because saving energy saves you money.

All in all the Antec TruePower 750 Watt Blue Power Supply is an outstanding value.  As of the publish date of this article (April 10th, 2010) the Antec TP-750 Blue is $169.99 on the Antec Website.  You can find it online for as little as $119.99 if you look around for less than 3 minutes.  One thing you don’t skimp on when you are building a system that you want to be stable is the power supply.  Get a good one, and a lot of the issues that home system builders have will not be an issue.  Cheap power supplies can cause intermittent freezing, damage your expensive system components by over or under powering them, and much more.  We like the Antec TP-750 and give it a 4 out of 5 star ranking.

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