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Cobra XRS-9955 Voice Alert 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector Review

Cobra XRS-9955 Voice Alert 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector Review

It seems that there’s been quite a bit of rush lately, the economy in shambles, Swine Flu jumping out of the petri dish, and now we can’t even rely 100% on our radar devices. As that Persian who got kicked down the well in 300 once said, “THIS IS MADNESS!” Aye, sir, it is madness.

The Cobra XRS-9955 is bad-ass when it’s functioning. Although a note to the manufacturer, which only seemed like common sense to us: When you have a device designed to escape the law, make the voice something we all know and respect. For instance, if I heard Mr. T update me on the radar beam that just struck my vehicle I’d feel a helluva lot cooler than the strange Microsoft Sam voice that comes on. Just a note. The XRS-9955 has a number of features including pop mode radar gun detection, built in digital compass, digital signal strength meter, city/highway selector, automute, IntelliMute, Smart Power, IntelliShield tri-level city mode, dimmer, LaserEye360 degree detection, KU Band detection, VG02 undetectable/alert, Spectre1 undetectable/alert, Safety Alert, Strobe Alert, memory function, and battery voltage display. But that’s not all, there’s also a 1.5″ color display with an optional GPS locator connectivity for speed and red light cameras.

Unfortunately, there’s an Achilles Heel on this machine. They’re prone to getting a wicked blue line straight across the display, when it’s on or off. Which renders the display completely useless and we’re stuck listening to Microsoft Sam tell us what’s going on. Not a great feeling by any means.

If Cobra can release some sort of patch or something for that blue line, this would easily be the cream of the crop in terms of radar detection. Come on fellas (and ladies).


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