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DSC Alexor PC9155 Review

DSC Alexor PC9155 Review

The Alexor is a DSC Wireless Alarm, model PC9155, which is a huge step up from the DSC 9047.  Like all DSC products, this new system has continuously been pushed back a few times, but I have received word that it is hitting distribution centers as we speak.  The DSC Alexor is easy to setup and program. The programming is very identical to the current DSC Power Series alarms.

What sets the Alexor apart from the 9047 is the options you have to mount and place the individual components.  The main console, brain, of the system is able to be placed out of sight, such as a closet.  The Alexor is bi-directional which allows for a wireless siren and completely wireless keypads.  The keypad is much like the fully programmable aplha 5500 keypads. Since the system is bi-directional that means signals can be sent to and from the brain, which will also allow the WT4989 key fob to actually show the status of your alarm (armed, disarmed, troubles, etc..) with its LCD Graphic display.  This system will be more reliable and much harder for an intruder to damage the system.  Many other alarm systems are self contained which means if an intruder breaks in, they can simply rip a unit off the wall and the keypad, siren, and power can all be affected.  The Alexor’s keypad, siren, and power are all separated from each other, which keeps the alarm functioning properly if someone wants to rip the keypad off the wall or even take down the siren.  By far, The DSC Alexor PC9155 will be one of the most reliable, if not the most reliable, wireless alarm system on the market.


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