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DVCCMNV854 – Long Range Weather Proof IR Camera Varifocal Review

DVCCMNV854 – Long Range Weather Proof IR Camera Varifocal Review

The DVCCMNV854 Long Range Weatherproof IR Camera Varifocal can focus in on an object that is half the length of a football field away. For a surveillance camera, the size is huge. It weighs 5 pounds and has been compared to the size of human head, but with a pair of eyes that can see much farther.

This infrared camera by Atrix, Inc. can be easily incorporated into a surveillance system for both professional and commercial use. That’s because the camera gives you 540 razor sharp TV lines of color resolution and with 30 high powered LEDs, you can see up to 185 feet away in pure darkness.

The DVCCMNV854 has an integrated 8 to 40 millimeter auto-iris lens with external zoom and focus controls that will help get the best shot from any angle. This means that the camera’s lens can be adjusted anywhere between 8 millimeters and a whopping 40 millimeters to achieve the desired field of view (FOV).

The camera has an image sensor designed by Sony that utilizes CCD (charged couple device) technology. The 1/3 inch Sony Color CCD image sensor is used to capture light (or optical image) and convert it into electrical signals, making for a more dynamic picture.


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