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Dyson DC14 Animal Review

Dyson DC14 Animal Review

For asthma and allergy sufferers with pets, the HEPA filtration system is designed to clean the air while cleaning the floors, making room air easier to breathe. The standard features on the DC14 Animal make it one of Dyson’s more popular models, as it utilizes many of the patented features that make their products stand out. Dyson includes a carpet care kit in the sale of the DC14 Animal vacuum cleaner. The carpet care kit includes the powdered Zorb for deep all over carpet cleaning and the spray Dysolve which is designed for removing marks, soil, and spots.

Dyson DC14 Animal
The features which enhance cleaning and make the DC14 Animal so popular include:
Root Cyclone Technology
Lifetime HEPA filtration system certified asthma and allergy friendly
Telescoping wand
Clean, one touch dirt collection barrel emptying system
Mini turbine head
Low reach floor tool
Easy to use brush bar control
Clear dirt collection barrel for at a glance cleaning feedback

Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone Technology has led the industry in continuous suction power. This suction is guaranteed to be maintained regardless of the amount of dirt in the collection bin.

This powerful suction, provided by 250 constant air watts, is what makes Dyson vacuum cleaners more effective than other comparable models. Without the loss of power and the freedom from clogs that the Root Cyclone Technology provides, cleaning is more efficient.

The wide channel is built in to help prevent clogs and to pick up the mounds of pet hair that tend to gather and collect in corners and under furniture.

The Dyson DC14 Animal is made from the same material that crash helmets are manufactured from, materials known as ABS and polycarbonate, making it extremely rugged and durable. The telescoping wand and the extendable hose provide 17 feet of cleaning for stairs, walls, hallways, ceilings, and other hard to reach areas.

The trigger design of the dirt collection barrel makes it a bag-less vacuum that is free from accidental contamination of clean areas. This design also prevents hands from touching the dirt, as the trigger releases the dirt directly into the trash receptacle.

The clear bin means that the user does not need to stop vacuuming and open the dirt collection barrel to determine if it needs to be emptied. This at a glance design is just one more small feature that makes the Dyson DC14 Animal one of the best selling vacuum cleaners on the market.

The certified asthma and allergy friendly HEPA filtration system blocks the return of particles back into the air. Endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the HEPA filter never needs replacing and only requires simple rinse and dry maintenance.

The pre-motor filter is washable and never needs replacing. It is effective enough to remove particles that are measured at 0.1 micron. The post-motor filter is electrostatic and also need not be replaced for the life of the Dyson DC14 Animal vacuum. Its job is to collect the potentially harmful carbon emissions released from the vacuum’s motor.

The mini turbine head relies on its own motorized function to pick up pet hair and dirt from stairs, furniture, and dog beds. Rather then relying on the suction provided by the vacuum itself, Dyson made the mini turbine head more powerful as its own tool with the motorized feature.
The Dyson DC14 Animal has many advantages when compared to other vacuum cleaners. Its powerful, clog free, constant suction removes dirt better and the wand and hose extension make cleaning easier and less time consuming.

The simple, one touch brush bar control turns the powerful brush bar off when cleaning hard floors or fine carpets. The mini turbine head and the included carpet care kit help exceed the normal standards of cleaning ability for most vacuum cleaners on the market.

The HEPA filtration system is a huge advantage for pet owners, allergy and asthma sufferers, and anyone who wants clean air in their home. The low reach floor tool is a good design for reaching under furniture and cleaning hard to reach areas much more thoroughly. The standard 5 year warranty means that Dyson stands behind its product.
When cleaning area rugs, the brush bar tends to lift the rug from the floor, thus requiring that the brush bar be turned off. With the brush bar turned off, however, the suction alone is not always enough to remove pet hair or dug in dirt from the rug.

The belt for the brush bar is made from rubber, which stretches. This belt can not be replaced by the user and must be replaced by the store or a certified professional.


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