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Dyson DC18 Review

Dyson DC18 Review

The HEPA filtration system enhances the clean air exhaust system. Bacteria, mold, dust particles, and allergens are trapped in the system to prevent exhaust expulsion irritants from reaching the air.

The quick draw telescoping wand is a handy feature for high reach cleaning surfaces and for use on stairs. The attachments combined with the shorter cleaning path help the vacuum reach every inch of cleaning surface. The smaller cleaning path is also lower profile so that the brush bar can be taken under furniture and used for highly effective cleaning.

The navigation of the Dyson DC18 is quick, easy, and light. The same wrist flick navigation that is available on the Dyson ball designs is also available on the DC18. This easy navigation helps to enhance cleaning by offering more accurate surface coverage and reduces the time it takes to complete each area.

The simple one touch on and off controls for the brush bar also reduce cleaning time as the user can switch from carpeting to floor in a snap. The lower profile of the cleaning path means that the suction is appropriate for cleaning floors without the brush bar.

Weighing only 15 4/5 pounds and offering a 25 foot power cord, the DC18 is great for maneuverability and transporting up and down stairs. The power cord offers extended cleaning areas.

The dirt collection barrel (which is clear for easy viewing like all other Dyson bag-less systems) provides a clean disposal system for keeping hands and floors free from the debris that was just vacuumed up. Instead of the common twist and lock barrel design, Dyson created a barrel that detaches as a single, closed unit and is emptied over the trash with a one touch trigger system.

The lightweight design and the powerful suction are the two greatest advantages of the Dyson DC18 Slim vacuum. For apartments, individuals who have difficulty carrying things, and homes with pets, this vacuum cleaner was specifically designed to conform to the needs of these consumers.

Housecleaning time is cut down significantly with the combined benefits of the weight, extended cleaning system, clean air exhaust, and easy wrist flick maneuverability.

There are a few disadvantages with the Dyson DC18. While the dirt collection barrel might be easy to empty, its small size means that the consumer will be emptying it often. The DC18 is loud for its smaller size.

Additionally, the hose works best when the vacuum cleaner is placed far enough away from the point of use. It tends to become unwieldy if the unit is too close to the point of use and becomes a detraction.


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