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Dyson DC21 Review

Dyson DC21 Review

The Dyson DC21 is among Dyson customer’s favorite models thanks to its sustained suction power and its versatility. The DC21 is a canister vacuum that comes with handy attachments, high power suction, HEPA filter, and a clean air exhaust system. The versatility not only includes attachments to make household cleaning easier, but this vacuum can be used on stairs, carpet, wood floors, and walls. This makes it an all around vacuum system that is perfect for all types of cleaning jobs.

Dyson DC21 Stowaway
The main features of the DC21 include:
Root Cyclone Technology
HEPA filter
Great suction power
Motorized Cleaning Head
Bag less Canister Dirt Removal

Root Cyclone Technology is one of the main features on all Dyson vacuums, and the Dyson DC21 comes with a powerful suction rating of 220 air watts. The air wattage is a value that indicates the amount of suction a vacuum cleaner produces, and 220 air watts is one of the highest suction powers available.

The Root Cyclone Technology is also proven to prevent clogs that slow down cleaning efficiency and become time consuming to deal with. This technology also ensures that as the dirt barrel fills the Dyson DC21 will not lose power. There is just as much suction when the barrel is full as when it is empty.

Hard to reach areas clean easily with the DC21 telescoping wand, which is easy to use and can reach areas like tight corners and underneath tables and chairs. The wand is stored conveniently so that the consumer only has to reach down and pull it out of its bracket and it’s ready to go, high reach vacuuming is hassle free with this feature.

Transitions from hard wood to carpeted floors is accomplished by the mere flick of a foot pedal to adjust the height of the brush bar, which means that there is no need to bend over and move levers in order to transition from one surface to another.

The lifetime HEPA filter, which only requires rinse and use maintenance, saves money on bag refills and replacement filter cartridges that other canister vacuums need. The HEPA filter reduces dust, mold, and irritating particles from reentering the air during vacuuming.

The HEPA filter system on the Dyson DC21 reduces air irritants by at least 150 times from what the average; none-smoking home has in its breathing air. This includes irritants like mold, bacteria, and allergens.

Dyson’s HEPA filter systems are approved, and recommended, by the British Allergy Foundation, and it recommended for asthma relief inside the home. With the high quality HEPA filter system that Dyson has on every model, it’s not just cleaning that is easier, breathing is too.
The cleaning head on the DC21 is motorized, and it is a perfect fit for most hard to reach corner spaces that are often too small for other vacuum heads. The 16 foot power cord, and the nearly 5 gallon dirt collection barrel, make cleaning a snap without the need to stop and move the plug or clean out the collection barrel as often.

The barrel is clear so it is easy to see when the canister has reached its limit and needs to be emptied. The 12.5 inch wide brush bar is longer than most other vacuums and helps to reduce cleaning time, picks up dirt and pet hair from deep inside the carpet, and is effective from end to end.
The flexible hose is stored around the body of the cleaner and its storage position is not readily apparent. The unit is compact and close to the ground so for some consumers, the necessity to bend over to reach the accessories may be problematical.


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