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How to buy a mattress.

How to buy a mattress.

How to Shop for a Mattress
You spend a third of your life on your mattress. Choosing the right one for you can make a huge difference in your day to day activities. We know that mattress shopping can be confusing and stressful.

Want to shop the old way – in store?
Don’t go anywhere without printing out our Smart Shopping Mattress Guide! It’s a free download with a ton of information to make your shopping experience smoother. Even better, it has an easy to fill-in guide so that you can call us after you’ve tried out the different mattresses and we can match them up with our name brand mattress…at a lower cost with our 110% Low Price Guarantee! Save money and shop with confidence at US-Mattress!
Buying online has many advantages!
Most importantly, customer satisfaction! As a Internet Retailer Top 500 company, US-Mattress customers are four times more likely to be satisfied than typical industry standards. This is due in part to greater access to pertinent information, and helpful selection tools like our Comfort Scale and Durability Charts. By carrying all the major brands, we maintain our unbiased independence – focused solely on getting you the best night’s sleep. Choosing the correct mattress online is much easier when you don’t feel high pressure sales tactics. No pressure here, shop at your convenience and your pace….we’re here to help!

There are several ways to shop, depending on what you need:
Completely new to mattress shopping or don’t know where to start? Try our 1-2-3 Method.
The 1-2-3 way to find your perfect mattress
Select Size
This is probably the easiest of the decisions you’ll need to make before your purchase. If you’re comfortable with the size you currently have, stick with it. Try to account if you or the person you’re purchasing the mattress for will be growing, moves a lot or has a confined space to work with.


Choose Your Model
Now you’re just a few clicks away from choosing your model. It may be tempting to buy the cheaper “no name” mattress you saw on sale at your local store…but don’t! Remember, you’ll be spending a third of your next few years on this mattress. If you don’t recognize the name, you can’t know what’s actually in the mattress. That’s why we only carry time tested name brands.

If you use the links above to find your mattress, you’ll be able to refine mattress search by materials, brands, price and more…so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t forget, if you’re still having problems, don’t worry!  US-Mattress is a Yahoo Top Service retailer.  This means our customers who have purchased from our store have rated us as “excellent!” Our sales assistants receive training several times a year from the nation’s top mattress brands and they’re ready to help you select the right mattress. Find out more about our guarantees and policies here.

Compare Mattresses within a Brand
When shopping in a store, it’s impossible to see what’s inside a mattress. But, here at US-Mattress we break down the specifications of each and every mattress so you know exactly what you’re getting. Use our Easy View Compare Charts to find the foams and features that will make every night the best night of sleep you’ve ever gotten.

Sealy Comparison Charts: Firm, Plush, or PillowTop, EuroTop & BoxTop
Stearns & Foster Comparison Charts: Firm, Plush, or PillowTop & EuroTop
Simmons Beautyrest Comparison Charts: Firm, Plush-Firm, Plush, or Pillow Top & Summit Top
Simmons BackCare Comparison Charts: Firm, Plush, or Pillow Top
Serta Comparison Charts: Firm, Pillow Soft, or Pillow Top & Euro Top
When you buy your new mattress you will get three major components:

Upholstery layers (the padding)
An innerspring coil unit
The box spring or foundation
Let’s take a look at them.

The upholstery layers account for the major portion of today’s mattress cost. Twenty years ago, the average mattress height was nine inches thick. Today the average mattress height is fourteen inches thick. The coil unit itself hasn’t gotten much taller, usually about six inches. However, the upholstery layers, commonly referred to as padding, are the reason for the thicker mattresses. Thru research, the mattress manufacturers have found that adding more quantity and better quality of comfort materials will provide a more comfortable sleeping surface and also a longer comfort life.

These layers can consist of man made materials, natural fibers, and a variety of foams. Every bed will have approximately 3-8 layers of padding, with each layer of padding being a different material. Looking at these three major components, the padding alone will cost more than the innerspring unit and foundation/box spring combined. Trusted name brand manufacturers will give you better padding and more of it as you spend more. Wool, cashmere, silk, memory foam, and latex foam are more commonly known and usually signal a better overall quality of padding. As with most items, these padding layers also come in different grades, so don’t expect the wool in a $1,000 mattress to be as good as with a $3,000 model.

The innerspring coil unit is the base of your mattress. It allows for even distribution of your body mass while you are lying down. The innerspring, often called the coil, will hold its strength for many years. The coils are what offer support to your body where you need it most. Sealy, Serta, and Simmons offer three or four different grades of innerspring coil units in their lines, usually giving you more coils as you go up in price. Stearns & Foster does not alter coil count. They use the same high quality coil count throughout their entire line.

Many people ask if more coils are better. The answer is…it depends. More coils are better when the manufacturer spaces the same size and type of coils closer together providing more coils in the same size mattress. Trying to compare the quality of mattresses between brands based on coil count is not applicable. For example, of all the major brands we sell, Stearns and Foster mattresses have the fewest number of coils, but they also use the thickest wire. Even with less coils, the Stearns and Foster coil unit has more working steel in it than any other mattress we sell. Realistically, there are just too many variables in coil design, function, and durability for consumers to understand what they are getting without spending days on coil research. You can be assured that all of the premium line mattresses we sell have a good innerspring unit. So you can focus on selecting the right comfort feel and particular model for your needs.

You can also Learn about Latex and Visco learn about Latex and Visco foam mattresses.

Box spring or foundation?
Most of us know it as the box spring, but they can vary in design. Some manufacturers still use a true box spring that will have a coil or modular coil spring system within it. These coils act as little shock absorbers, so when force and weight are applied to the top of the mattress, the box spring will give slightly underneath. In many cases, a good box spring will extend the life of your mattress and help to prolong your investment. A working box spring has long been considered the best way to build a premium mattress set.

Recent technology changes have some mattress lines using a foundation. Framed in either wood or steel, foundations look like box springs but have no give or shock absorbing abilities. For example, the Simmons Beautyrest mattress sets are built on a foundation. The non-flexing base makes for a great “do not disturb” sleep that Beautyrest mattresses are known for. The base has no components to wear out, and provides a more rigid feel. The box spring has been around longer, but the change in today’s mattress design allows for the use of a foundation in many applications.

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