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How to buy luggage.

How to buy luggage.

Your choice of the right type of luggage can go a long way towards enjoying a more stress-free romantic vacation or getaway!

In my 18 years in the airline industry, I’ve seen over and over what can happen to suitcases that are of poor quality and/or poorly packed. They will often end up on the baggage carousel with your clothes and contents strewn all over! Or they’ll come down the chute missing handles, straps and wheels.

To avoid the disaster and stress of a major luggage malfunction, have a look now at our advice for buying luggage guide, and tips on how to pack that suitcase or carry-on right:

Tips on Buying a Suitcase
 *Did You Know*: If you check in luggage for a transcontinental or overseas flight more than 3 hours in advance, there’s a good chance your bag will be on the bottom of a metal container with 30 or 40 suitcases on top of it!

Airports, airplanes and airlines can be tough on luggage. The stories are legendary, and unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what carrier you fly or which airport you use. So, there’s no doubt that a hard-shell suitcase will stand up much better than fabric or leather luggage.

 Luggage Buying Tip: Our advice for buying luggage (full size suitcase) that will be checked in is this: We recommend travelling with a tough, molded hard-shell case (polycarbonate casing) with either a graphite or composite frame.

Buying Carry On Luggage
Carry on’s make great clothing and accessories luggage for weekend getaways, or even longer trips if you can get by with less (and know how to pack a suitcase!)
Carry On Luggage Size: Airline rules for carry on size luggage are pretty much standard world-wide. On the average, you’re allowed to carry on 1 bag which can weigh a maximum of 22 lbs (10kg).
One of the most important “inside the airplane rules for carry on bags” is this: If it’s packed heavy, ask for some assistance in placing it in the overhead bin. We’ve seen overweight bags come crashing down on people seated below, and it can be a real hazard.

While carry-on bags don’t suffer quite the wear and tear of checked luggage, they still need to stand up well to a fair amount of punishment.

 The best carry on luggage has a nice balance of durability/toughness with lightweight handling and expandabilty. We’ve each been using an American Tourister carry-on made of no-tear nylon with reinforced stress points, and they work great. They are:
•Easy enough to carry through security and place in overhead bins.
•Strong enough to be used as a sky-check bag on a commuter flight.
How to Pack Carry-On Luggage
Pack your carry-on with essentials such as tickets and travel documents, passport, prescription medication, glasses, keys, notebook computer, cell phone and ipod/mp-3.

Another good idea is to consider including at least a one-day supply of clothing in your carry-on just in case your checked bag goes missing. That way, you can still enjoy your holiday while the airline delivers your luggage. Find the best prices on carry-on luggage at
Buying Luggage Online
First of all, we recommend buying luggage in a store. That way you can check for yourself how a suitcase is made, build quality, comfort of use, and so on. Nothing can match the hands-on approach.
However, for some, buying luggage online is a necessity. So what do you look for from an online luggage store?
•First of all, the site should be easy to use
•You should be able to shop by brand or shop by luggage type
•Any discounts, deals and promo codes should be up front and clearly visible
•They should offer free shipping at least on larger orders
•They should offer a price guarantee and a 30 day return policy

 More Travel Tips for Packing Luggage:
#1: Pack Light. This is the single most important way to keep your luggage in one piece without serious damage. Any suitcase, cheap or expensive, can be damaged by loading it well beyond it’s designed limits.
#2: Take Off All Straps and Old Airline Tags. This will help your bag get through all the conveyor belts and sorting systems quickly and accurately.
#3: I.D. Tags. Place a tag with your full name, address and phone number on both the outside and the inside of the bag.
#4: Fragile/Handle With Care Stickers – Don’t bother. In all honesty, on a suitcase, they are rarely noticed or paid attention to. They’re best on boxes and unusual items only.

We Hope This Advice for Buying Luggage and Packing Helps You Have a Worry-Free Getaway!

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