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Logitech Wireless Keyboard Review

Logitech Wireless Keyboard Review

Logitech’s new Wireless K350 offers a solid keyboard design if you want a little more comfort in your day-to-day typing. A cleverly designed key layout gently angles your wrists toward a less stressful typing position, without requiring you to relearn how to type. The $60 price tag for the wireless keyboard is a fair deal as well. A few back steps in hot-key layout make us wish Logitech had taken a more all-around approach in its design, but for its stated purpose, we found that the Wireless Keyboard K350 is easy to adjust to and comfortable to use.

Logitech incorporates three design elements into its K350 keyboard that make it stand out from the competition. The first is the so-called “wave” design, which angles the edge keys, and the two rows in the middle up toward your fingers, and pushes the keys in the W, E, and R, and I, O, and P rows lower. The idea is to accommodate the different lengths of your fingers. The varying height of the keys is supposed to match up with each digit in a more natural fit.

Another unique twist is the keyboard’s curve. It’s similar in shape to Microsoft’s Wireless Comfort Desktop, although with one major difference. Unlike the Microsoft keyboards, the letter keys on the K350 are all the same size. That means there’s no stretched out G or H key in the middle row to get caught on. Such a simple design step actually makes a huge difference in how quickly you become comfortable with Logitech’s board. We were able to adjust to the Logitech’s natural curve within minutes, while Microsoft’s design takes a little longer to get used to–for touch typists, especially.

The third innovation is Logitech’s brand-new Unifying receiver. This new technology lets you connect a single USB plug to six compatible mice and keyboards. Each device comes with its own Unifying receiver as well, meaning that you can conceivably leave them all plugged into several different computers at home and at work. Keep in mind that buying into the Unifying connection means marrying into the Logitech family of peripherals. We can’t ding Logitech, though, since we have few complaints about its products in general, plus the Unifying design also frees up USB ports previously occupied by other keyboards and mice.

Those three features really form the bulk of what makes the Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350 special. A semicushioned, nondetachable wrist rest also helps keep your wrists supported, and two separate adjustable feet create a sloping effect for a more upright typing posture. Finally, the keyboard is powered by two regular AA batteries that, according to Logitech, last up to three years with moderate use.

The only thing we’d change about the Logitech K350 is its media control keys. Rather than emulate most current digital-media-oriented keyboards and put the play controls along the sides, Logitech went old-school on this model and runs the media keys along the top edge instead. We’ll grant that the focus on typing might make the K350 best suited to an office environment (and Windows Vista, by way of the oversize Flip 3D hot key), but since Logitech went so far as to make the keyboard wireless, it might as well have taken the extra step and made the media keys easier to use when you’re leaning back in front of your PC with the keyboard in your lap.

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