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Miele S251i Plus Review

Miele S251i Plus Review

Miele vacuum cleaners are designed with the user’s comfort in mind, and they are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while producing maximum cleaning power.

Miele has put a great amount of thought into the design of the S7 series of vacuum cleaners, examining it from every angle.

The front caster wheels rotate 360 degrees for maximum manoeuvrability and the innovative Swivelneck gives the Miele S7 an amazing amount of agility, even allowing it to lie flat to the floor to allow the low profile powerbrush to reach under beds and hard to reach areas.

The built-in LED headlight helps you see when cleaning dark areas and the vacuum automatically adjusts to any carpet height, allowing easy transition between carpet and floor.

The vacuum bag is equally efficient. It is a dual-layer design that holds an expansive 4.5 quarts and pops out easily for disposal. To ensure that none of the dirt escapes this bag, Miele has equipped the S251i with an electric SES100 hose and several helpful attachments: a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery brush.

To make the use of this hose even more comfortable and rewarding, it has been fitted with an orthopedic padded-grip handle. Another handle can be found on the small, lightweight canister body of the vacuum. By simply taking hold of both handles, this vacuum is easily transportable from one room to the next for all your cleaning needs.

Because it is not a traditional upright but rather a canister-and-hose model, it becomes incredibly easy to position on uneven surfaces (such as stairs) and will take up hardly any room wherever it is placed, leaving most of the available space for working.

Additionally, while an upright will often tip and fall when placed in a stationary position for any length of time, canisters are much more stable; the Miele S251i vacuum is especially well-balanced because of the flat base on its canister body. You can leave the canister safely standing while you clean.

Rest assured that despite the powerful suction exerted by its SEB 213 power brush, the vacuum’s canister will not tip over, drag or pop open to spill the contents of its vacuum bag. Thanks to Miele’s foresight, this is not a problem as it has sometimes been with other canister models.

Some problems are common to all vacuums, and Miele has taken great lengths to solve these for you as well. The Miele Plus S251i comes equipped with an extra-long cord that winds up easily and tucks away for simple storage. You don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of changing plugs every few seconds, or struggle to put away a long, tangled cord.

Miele also has your safety in mind. The S25li has two filters instead of one, and the long-lasting secondary Super Air Clean filter is what really does the trick-it goes above and beyond to remove 95% of microscopic pollutants from the surface you are cleaning and the surrounding air. Now you can breathe easy!

The Miele S251i Plus is extremely lightweight and maneuverable for a vacuum of this type. It can be carried easily from room to room and works just as well on uneven surfaces. It has several brush options, powerful suction despite making almost no noise, and looks good.

Because it was designed to be lightweight, some of the attachments and accessories are made of thin, hard plastic, which is sometimes described as being on the flimsier side.


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