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Sapien Technologies – Primal Script 2009

Sapien Technologies – Primal Script 2009

As I previously indicated in another article Microsoft Powershell is a very powerful well thought of new scripting language that borders on being a powerful programming language. This new programming utility is VERY powerful yet easy to use. The issue with scripting laguages is the lack of full featured applications to help you develop powerful solutions using the scripting language of choice.

Sapien Technologies has released a new version of the already popular PrimalScript application. This program is well developed and very easy to use. But this appliacation takes the process to the next level. They have almost thought of everything you would need to complete your application. This includes code completion, embedded scripting host, etc. You never have to leave the application to test the code you have just written. Now this tool supports 50 different scripting languages. Here is a snippet from the Sapien Primalscript website.

“PrimalScript 2009 supports over 50 languages and file types ranging from PowerShell, VBScript, and JScript to ASP and ASP.NET. Additionally, dedicated tools for XML and SQL make complicated data processing a snap.

PrimalScript 2009 is the only scripting environment specifically designed for the way you work:

•Easy discovery of PowerShell CmdLets , COM objects, WMI classes or .NET framework classes and their members with the new Object Browser.
•Quick access to documentation using Microsoft’s online reference, MSDN, for .NET framework classes or the integrated PowerShell and VBScript help.
•Single click Google search within the IDE always gets you to a code sample or additional documentation quickly and easily.
•Experimentation and iterative development are supported with a variety of tools ranging from an integrated command shell, and a quick query window, to a full featured WQL query window.
•Unsurpassed database connectivity with a dedicated data browser supporting multiple connections, creation and editing of stored procedures, SQL PrimalSense, and ad-hoc queries with live data editing.
•Our every-growing number of predefined code snippets for a multitude of languages can easily be extended by simply dragging and dropping code to the snippets browser. Never before was code reuse in a scripting environment that easy.
•Debug PowerShell, VBScript or JScript transparently in one environment without compromise. A multitude of helpful tools allow you to quickly debug, solve and verify any problems you may encounter.
•PrimalScript 2009 offers a multitude of methods for deploying your finished scripts, from simple remote execution with SAPIEN’s Remote Script Execution Engine (RSEE), packaging your scripts as powerful executables with built-in Vista or Windows Server 2008 elevation.”

I loved this tool. I wish I had had the additional add-ons to use in addition to PrimalScript itself. If they are as nice and as powerful as the main tool the productivity you gain will be outstanding.


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