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Seagate FreeAgent Theater Plus+ Review

Seagate FreeAgent Theater Plus+ Review

So I’ve finally had time to take a look at the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+.   I’m working on an article that will show you exactly how to ditch your Cable Television and still get access to all the good television / cable network shows and movies for free.  The only thing you have to do is pay for your high speed internet.  I’ve been doing this for about 8 months and have saved almost $1000.00 with very little sacrifice. In the process of doing the article I’ve been looking for something that can really handle everything involved in getting the data from your source to your television and I’ve found it with the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+.

So here are some pro’s and con’s to the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ system.


  1. Incredibly fast setup.
  2. NO HASSLES – the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ worked right out of the box, set the time and go.
  3. I have a Netgear Nasbox on my network that is a upnp server, video server, and a few other things.  Seagate has a version of this called Black Armor and we’re going to review that next.  But BUT BUT I was totally impressed with the fact that it plays nice with others.  The FreeAgent just said “hello” to my Netgear and streams video from it like a champ.
  4. The MediaMall’s Playon software is able to stream to the FreeAgent.  This means I can use the FreeAgent and still get all the stuff I want from HULU directly to my television.  I was STOKED when I saw that just “work” without any added fuss.
  5. HDMI Connector onboard.  I have to say that something roughly the size of lean cuisine frozen dinner that has an HDMI connector and a slot for a 500 GB hard disk can’t be all bad! HDMI is the way to go for easy setup, you just have to plug in one wire for video and audio, plugin the network cable and turn it on. (Did I mention an Incredibly fast setup?)
  6. NO HASSLES (did I put that already?)
  7. Did I mention this works right out of the box without any hassle?
  8. Did I mention this is the FIRST media player we’ve had in here that actually works right out of the box with no hassle?
  9. PRICE POINT – Under 100 bucks.  WOW.  Really? Yes.  Really. Tiger Direct is offering them for 99.99 I just looked. (No they aren’t paying for that either, even though I should get something out of it lol, perhaps they’ll send me a bozo button for the free plug)


  1. Time needs to be set manually. – I think there should be an option to use a NTP server, this is standard fare on most internet ready devices and I like my time to be accurate.
  2. User Interface is kinda cheap looking. I’m nit picking here but presentation brings a lot to the game especially for the brag factor when you have the guys over.

All in all I’m very satisfied with the performance from this little Seagate FreeAgent Theater+.  It’s sleek, being able to dump a bunch of stuff on the optional 500GB USB hard disk and simply plug it in to the unit is pretty slick too.  Aside from being a very simple setup it sells at an extremely good price point and is a terrific value.  We are going to go ahead and give it a Reviewboard Magazine’s Best Buy Award.  This is an outstanding value and can’t be beat.

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