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Video Door Phones

Video Door Phones

The number one entry point for burglars is your front door. A solid door and failproof locks won’t help if you open the door for the person you thought was a friend, a neighbor in distress, the delivery person, mail carrier, or police. Video door phones allow you not only to see the person calling but also communicate with them while still maintaining a secure perimeter, unlike opening a door with a door chain engaged.

Video door phones allow occupants of a home to see their visitors while still inside their home. They utilize cameras mounted outside doors and indoor monitoring stations, connected by a wireless signal. Using these systems, a visitor presses the door chime and the monitor displays the image inside. The occupant then can choose to admit the visitor or deny entry.

Design and Operation

These types of entry systems are wireless and thus represent an upgrade over older technology such as closed-circuit television. The camera is wired to the doorbell chime, so that a visitor ringing the chime automatically activates the camera which sends the video signal to the monitoring unit inside. The monitoring unit displays an image of the visitor.

Many monitoring units also offers choices to admit or deny entry or to communicate with the visitor by picking up a handset. Some companies offer hands-free models that enable the occupant to communicate without having to pick up a handset.

In addition, many systems include automatic shut-offs in which the system automatically denies entry after a certain time, perhaps thirty to ninety seconds. However, some models do not offer release systems for doors as a standard component. Without this part, the occupant must physically unlock the door. Many systems are expandable offering more monitoring stations, cameras, and sometimes special surveillance cameras.


Installation is usually simple, however it often requires some basic electronic skills on the part of the consumer. The most difficult parts of installation is connecting the door chime to the camera unit and installing the door releases if you buy this part. Most of the rest of the installation requires simple electrical connections and is easier than closed-circuit television. In essence, these systems offer wireless solutions to door entry. Most systems are wireless and are easier to install than closed-circuit television. They offer the occupant the opportunity to view visitors and permit or deny them entry.


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