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Chitika Poor Performance and Bad Statistics Interface

by Philip FerreiraJune 18, 2010


Poor Chitika Performance and Bad Relevance

Chitika ad shows dishwasher ad in car review. Adsense shows car ad.

We started with Chitika several months ago because they were billing themselves out as being “better” than Google Adsense.  The problem with Chitika and their Claims of being better than Google Adsense is they just aren’t true.  The ad system is aweful, they have very little information in the way of statistics.  On top of that we get paid on average about 1 CENT per 1000 impressions.  That means we’ll show an advertisement for Chitika 1000 times and see 1 cent for our troubles. 

The reason of course is poor click through rate (CTR).  The problem with that is it’s their problem.  They aren’t serving relevant ads in our content and Google Adsense is.  That’s why the same amount of ads running at the same time get us on average $6 per 1000 impressions over at Google Adsense.  I have personally seen days when we get over $23 per 1000 impressions at Google.  We have never seen over 50 cents per thousand at Chitika. Of course I can only go back a month because Chitika’s system is terrible and doesn’t allow you to go past 30 days.

If you are looking for a way to make money on your website, you should stick to known companies like Google Adsense and the like.  The only way to make money with Chitika is to suck somone else into signing up under your affiliate ID.  That’s a Karma hit I don’t want to get into.

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