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Sole F80 Treadmill Review

by The Review CrewJuly 7, 2010

The F80 is Sole’s mid range folding treadmill and is one of the best treadmills in it’s price range according to many consumer sources. It features all the specs of the F63 but with a larger motor and the special shock absorption whisper quiet deck which reduces impact to the body by 40% compared to running on the road and more:


  • Starts from a gentle 0.05 mph to a challenging 11 mph
  • The running surface is secure and stable giving you confidence during your run
  • Built in cooling fans, mp3 station and water bottle holder
  • Quality durable materials and construction for long lasting use with a long warranty

Sole F80 Treadmill review

Sole treadmills can be found in the fitness rooms of the Hilton Hotel group so they know a thing or two about building solid treadmills. They’ve used this expertise in their home range including the F80 making it a solid treadmill designed for years of use. The fact that it folds is ideal for the home so it can take up as least amount of room as you need.

The F80 comes with many features you’d find in commercial treadmills like built in cooling fans to keep the body cool as you run. The built in mp3 station is a great addition you don’t normally find in home treadmills and gives the extra touch you’d appreciate. Combine this with a solid build quality and a long warranty that’s lifetime for the deck, motor and frame with in home labor you can see it’s popularity.

There are 6 workout programs that you motivated and challenged, these range from fat burning to hill work using the electronically powered incline which the user can modify if desired using the controls on the arm rails. Two of the programs are based on your rate which uses the supplied heart rate chest strap and changes the incline as you run to a predetermined heart rate. This is ideal for those who want the maximum results from their workout by running at their optimum heart rate.

The display tells you all the information you need to tell you how you’re doing. Your speed, distance covered, calories burned, incline level, heart rate, it’s all there – all those readouts you get at the fitness center treadmill are all here. There’s a message window too to give you updates and any important information as you run, it’s really quite advanced.

The motor is 3.0 horse power which at it’s lowest gives you a gentle 1 mph and at it’s peak will give runners a challenging 11 mph and everything in between. Overall this treadmill is very popular, It’s users find it easy, quiet and stable to use and it has a reputation for giving years of service – good reasons why it’s recommended so often and we recommend it too.

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