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Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer Review

by The Review CrewJuly 8, 2010

The Sole E95 Elliptical is Sole’s highest end, feature packed elliptical and is probably the one of the best ellipticals you can buy for the home. It has all of the features you’d find in a commercial fitness center elliptical but with a home elliptical price:


  • Built in cooling fan, mp3 station and water bottle holder
  • The ride is smooth and quiet and can be easy or hard for beginner or experienced elliptical user alike
  • 20 levels of resistance and 10 workout programs including heart rate using the provided heart rate chest strap
  • Quality durable materials and construction for long lasting use combined with the longest warranty in it’s class

Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer Review

When providing specs for the E95, Sole wanted to make the best elliptical they could using all the features we all know and enjoy from commercial ellipticals. They also wanted to make the machine as sturdy as they could and as a result the E95 can take the a user weight of up to 400 lbs. This is the highest of any Sole elliptical.

The flywheel which you power round to workout is the largest yet of 29″. This makes your ride incredibly smooth and quiet whether you use the pedals only or the handle bars too for a great all over body workout. The pedals are fully adjustable for the individual user making your workouts comfortable helping you get the maximum results from what you do.

The 10 workout programs provide a nice variety for your workouts giving you a challenge and helping to maintain motivation. Some programs use the incline which is electronically controlled and can rise up to a 40 degree hill. There’s also a heart rate strap which a program can match the resistance to a predetermined heart rate. This is the ultimate program for optimum benefits from the workout you do whatever your age or fitness level.

The usual Sole 20 levels of resistance are there and provide a fantastic range of difficulty. They start at the easy beginner levels and then gradually get harder in a smooth way rising to a very challenging level 20 which is a hard push even for those experienced elliptical users. The many levels in between give you complete control on how challenging you want your workout to be.

The Sole quality stamp is all over this machine, even the wheels run on rails to reduce any side to side motion while riding. Everything has been thought of to make this one of the best ellipticals you can buy. The E95 competes with ellipticals at a far higher price range and does a better job, one of the finest ellipticals available today.

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