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Epic 300 U Upright Exercise Bike Review

by The Review CrewJuly 8, 2010

The Epic 300 U is a good value feature packed upright exercise bike. It’s a solid bike that can give a variety of workouts while giving you all the information you need on a large dot matrix display. Whether you’re after fitness, weight loss or both this bike can help you achieve it.


  • Super soft gel seat means a comfortable workout
  • Heart rate sensors with 2 heart rate programs
  • One touch smooth frictionless resistance for gentle to challenging workouts
  • Large LED display gives detailed workout information before, during and after your workout

Epic 300 U Upright Exercise Bike Review

Epic make quality exercise bikes and the 300 U Upright is one of them. It has many built in features that you only find in commercial bikes and a few home ones. They’re included here at a great price. The benefit of exercise bikes is clear with no impact on the joints especially the lower back which is good for a range of people. Cycling is a great exercise that anyone can do, young or old, big or small.

This bike has magnetic resistance which means it’s smooth to ride, you don’t feel any sudden jerkiness as you change the resistance. It’s a smooth silent transition that gets harder or easier as you ride. Any level can be chosen with one touch so you don’t have to go through all the levels to reach the one you want. The low levels are nice and easy while the upper levels give a good up hill climb so the bike can cater to all fitness levels.

Most users will simply get on the bike and go and adjust the levels to suit. Should you want some variation there are 8 in built workout programs. These change the resistance as you go to a predetermined route. This is great if you want to test your fitness level over time. This is because after a few weeks of cycling you should find certain programs get easier which means you’re getting fitter and healthier.

Built into the handle bars are heart rate sensors which are useful to see how your body is coping. There are 2 further workout programs which use this heart rate reading. These programs adjust the resistance to keep your heart rate workout out at peak efficiency. This is great of you want your workouts to have the most benefit to you and your body in the least amount of time.

What you may appreciate the most are the little details. For example the workout fan gives a cool breeze as you exercise. The seat is specially designed to be softer and keep you comfortable as you ride. There’s a pacing coach that displays your workout pace to give you something to aim for. As you can see the Epic 300 U exercise bike really is feature packed and very well designed for in home fitness.

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