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Polar RS400 Heart Rate Monitor Review

by The Review CrewJuly 28, 2010

There’s been a huge surge in the popularity of heart rate monitors recently as workout buffs have finally realized the benefits of accurately tracking their heart rate to maximize a workouts effectiveness.

So what’s the best heart rate monitor for 2010?

The best heart rate monitor for 2010 is the Polar RS400 heart rate monitor.

The Polar RS400 is a cut above the wanna be heart rate monitors from Reebok, Nike and Cardiosport, and the best heart rate monitor for monitoring your cardio training on a daily basis.
Best Heart Rate Monitor for Fitness – Polar RS400

One of the things I like best about the Polar RS400 monitor is that it’s compatible with tons of health club cardio equipment (no other heart rate monitor can make this claim).

You can use this monitor to actually control most Life Fitness and similar cardio machines by performing a simple synch when you start training – how cool is that?!

Here’s what makes the Polar RS400 the best heart rate monitor for cardio fitness training:

HR-based target zones with visual alarm
HR-based target zones with audible alarm
30 intervals with a target heart rate zone
Maximum heart rate of total exercise, a figure expressed in beats per minute (bpm) representing the peak heart rate measured over a specific period of time
The largest display in the industry and a fully user-configurable exercise view with countless combinations
Transfer exercise data from wrist unit to polarpersonaltrainer.com via Polar WebLink (SonicLink/Infrared)
Polar WearLink® 31 coded transmitter

I could go on and on about the Polar RS400 and why I think it’s the best heart rate monitor for cardio, and why it’s a virtual steal for what they’re selling it for, but let me just put it this way.

The Polar RS400 will help you track your workout, keep track of interval training, keep you in a heart rate training zone with alarm reminders, has a wearable wireless transmitter, is compatible with treadmills and elliptical trainers at your club and you can transfer all the data from this monitor to your computer to track graph and track your results.

Work smarter, not harder – get a Polar heart rate monitor and take your fitness to the next level in record time.

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