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Is BP Paying Julian Assange from Wikileaks not to publish Oil Spill Secrets?? You decide.

Is BP Paying Julian Assange from Wikileaks not to publish Oil Spill Secrets?? You decide.

Liar Liar Julian Assange lies about BP Oil Spill


This is a breaking story, if you watch the video on CNN fast forward to 13:19 where Julian is asked if he has received information about BP.

He says “We have received loads of information” which is true, but our deception experts say that’s where the truth stopped and the lies began.  As you can see from this picture his hand immediately goes up to his face and covers his mouth as he says they haven’t had the opportunity to post the information because they are undergoing a major expansion and don’t have enough people to vet it.  Our experts say that in other frames of this video you can see where he discusses things he has seen that are terrible he uses his hand to cover the bridge of his nose and most of his right eye, suggesting he was ashamed at what he saw, and when he was lying he was always covering the smell of what he was saying by holding his nose or covering the words coming out of his mouth.  These are all signs that someone is lying and is not comfortable with what they are saying.

Where did the funding for the major expansion come from?  Could it have been BP paying them to shut up?

It’s a little odd that the biggest story of the century (The entire destruction of the GULF) is left out of the wikileak light.  Surely something as large as the BP oil spill would get a little special handling right? Surely Julian himself could vet ONE piece of data right?  Interestingly there is NOTHING about BP really on Wiki leaks.  Something about an Alaska North Slope Pipeline getting shut down… look for yourself

Am I to believe that the killing of those 12 people in a WAR ZONE is bigger news? I don’t know, personally, I think that if you are in a WAR ZONE area and you get targeted by mistake it is a tragedy.  Do I think it’s news?  Sure I do.  Did the US Gov cover it up by slapping a classified sticker on it? I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care I let the US Gov take care of those situations the way they see fit.  Why?  Because I’m a citizen and that’s what I pay them to do.  Do I agree with everything? No, but then I don’t have all the facts either.

What I do know is that the planet is on its knees because of BP, they finally capped the well and they have destroyed an eco system.  They have ruined the economy in that whole area, they have killed loads of animals, they have bullied reporters, fisherman, and other people who have wanted to simply photograph and write about what is going on there… and Wikileaks has nothing to say?


**UPDATE It has been over two years since we published this article.  That means more than 2 years has passed since Julian Assange claimed he had tons of BP information.  Over 2 years since he claimed he was going to release it after this ‘expansion’.  The fact is, nothing has been released on BP since 2009 and nothing related to the massive spill.  It appears that our experts were correct.

* Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece, based on deception experts reaction to Julian Assange and his body language while he discusses BP.  This body language reading is not an exact science but it is used by Governments and large corporations all over the world and the results are amazing.  However, We could be wrong, so in the end you will have to decide what you want to about it.  To be honest, I hope we are wrong because I was really hoping Julian was what he claimed to be.



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