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Plinius Tautoro Preamplifier Review

Plinius Tautoro Preamplifier Review

The Basics:

Preamplifiers are essential elements in the audio chain for sound systems and home theaters. The Plinius Tautoro is on the top tier of high-end preamplifiers in with high –quality manufacturing and design. However, it is also on the top tier of price tags at an MSRP of $8,395.

The Plinius Tautoro’s exceptional construction and design features simple front / side panels which are ergonomically sound. The source selection buttons are adequately lit and appropriately sized. The front panel also features a volume control wheel that is both big and tactile. You will also find a ¼” headphone jack that is, despite being traditionally standard, very rare in many of today’s models. Moreover, turning the Plinius Tautoro around, the rear panel has well-organized, high-quality WBT socketry.

As a multi-source, superior system, the Plinius Tautoro features generous input and output options for easy, instinctive control. This includes home theater bypass, adjustable gain (50dB, 56dB, 60dB, 66dB), adjustable load (47k, 470R, 100R, 47R, 22R), phase inversion, preamplifier outputs, fixed-level stereo output for recording, and other useful elements.

You will also find proprietary features like the traditional Plinius ground lift switch along with 12V trigger input/outputs, main power on/off switch, and a third party remote input. The included remote control provides easy access to volume adjusting, source selection, and secondary operations like phase inversion, display dimming, and home theater bypass activation. The inclusion of buttons allowing for full functionally of an optional Plinius CD player is another plus.

The Upside:

Behind its exceptional build, the Plinius Tautoro Preamplifier delivers a clean and stable sound without much disruption. While many other preamplifiers try to improve and deliver a lush sound (sometimes to the point of being too sweet and rich), this model defines sound with more detail in its natural highs and flats. There is no doubt the Tautoro is a full-function, full-featured preamplifier worth its hefty price tag.

The Downside:

The Plinius Tautoro is not the most spatially or environmentally-friendly product. It is large, not very light, and heats up pretty fast with use. It actually might require its own dedicated stand depending on your sound system or home theater setup.


Taking into account its high price point, the Plinius Tautoro is all-in-all well-worth it. Apart from its dependable, solid construction, it has all the extra functionality most audiophiles will clamor for and that casual users will also learn to appreciate. Even with all its capabilities and options, it is still very easy and enjoyable to use. It provides all the crucial elements that deliver great sound. Whatever you are playing, it is guaranteed to sound its best with the Plinius Tautoro.

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