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by The Review CrewAugust 3, 2010

The 8 Minute Abs system started the whole ab exercise craze when it hit the market years ago selling on late night TV. Here’s what you get for the money…

8 Minute Abs Product Claims

8 Minute Stretch
Whether you’re just looking for a warm up for another 8 minute workout, or trying to improve flexibility, 8 minute stretch motivates you to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

8 Minute Legs
You’ll love this 8 minute lower-body workout.

8 Minute Buns
A great cardio workout!

8 Minute Arms
In just 8 minutes a day you can have arms everyone will envy.

The bottom line is this; 8 Minute Abs is a better product than 90% of the crap currently being sold, but it does have some shortcomings too.

For starters, this program is more than just an ab workout as the list above indicates. I think most people will be overwhelmed with the workout if they’re not prepared to put in some effort.

Like any ab machine, the 8 Minute Abs system will not magically transform you from an overweight couch potato to a fitness god overnight with no effort.

You’ll still need to get your diet in check and do some cardio and strength training to get a great body, that’s just a fact.

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