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by The Review CrewAugust 3, 2010

You won’t see a lot of fanfare and hoopla surrounding an Ab Bench. What you do get is a proven piece of exercise equipment whose only job is to train your abs pure and simple.

Although I like ab benches in the gym where it’s nice to have a variety of equipment to train abs, I think they’re a rather large waste of money for the home gym trainer.

Unless you have a huge home gym (if you did you’d probably be shopping for a club style ab machine not an ab bench) there’s no need to clutter up your precious floor are with an ab bench.

The smart choice is to get an adjustable weight lifting bench and add an exercise ball to your workout space.

The combination of a good weight bench and an exercise ball is far more versatile and more effective for not only training your abs, but also for working out your entire body in a limited space.

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