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Ab Dolly Plus Review

by The Review CrewAugust 3, 2010

Unlike most of the gimmick ab machines on the market the Ab Dolly Plus is a good machine in theory and has some practical uses for a very specific population.

The Ab Dolly Plus is, according to their website, used by top athletes from the NFL. PGA, Major League Baseball and boxers to name a few.

I’m a bit skeptical as to those claims since there isn’t a specific person or team named, but I can see the merits of this machine for athletes, but not for the everyday couch potato it’s aimed at…

Ab Dolly Plus Manufacturer Claims:

“In just three minutes a day, the AB DOLLY PLUS will safely and functionally train all four abdominal muscles to a full range of motion while training your upper and lower body!”

Working your ab muscles 3 minutes a day will give you some definition in your abs, but to think that all you need to do is use the Ab Dolly Plus 27 minutes a week is laughable at best.

Like I keep drilling into you in these reviews, you’re going to need a lot more than an ab machine to get a flat stomach. If you don’t believe me go ahead and buy an Ab Dolly now. Then in a couple weeks when you realize I’m right, go here and get the best ab machine and my free ab workout to go along with it.

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