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by The Review CrewAugust 13, 2010

shipping-truck It would be FOOLISH to omit information about Coffee Fool and their only product; coffee! These fools from Minneapolis gave themselves the name because they are just foolish about coffee.  Given our slogan at the bottom of the screen (Powered by Strong Coffee and Late nights of Research) we thought we would see if Coffee Fool had the goods.  After all, we can be a bit foolish ourselves and so it stands to reason we would be an authority on the subject.

Now some of you are asking right now in your heads… “Is it as good as Starbucks?”  Well obviously that’s a matter of taste preference.  Starbucks beans in my opinion tend to be a bit burned, and they just don’t taste fresh.  I think we as a society have been trained to jump in the “baaah” line and buy stale burned beans from a retailer that designed a marketing strategy to cater to ego rather than taste.

Coffee Fools coffee is outstanding.  I really liked the Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy blend they sent over.  In fact, it is the only coffee I’ve ever been able to drink without adding cream or sugar to.  Most coffee is very bitter, because it’s overcooked.  Obviously taste is subjective, I like lighter roasted coffees, while others in the office like the dark roasts.

I can tell you that I took a Starbucks light roast (Breakfast Blend) and tasted it against the Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy Blend and the difference was night and day.  The Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy blend has all kinds of subtle tastes that linger on your tongue.  It’s a full bodied experience that I just didn’t get with the Starbucks Breakfast blend.  Even with the Breakfast blend from Starbucks there was a subtle burned aftertaste that made the coffee bitter.  I could only choke down 2 – 3 sips of the bitter Starbucks (black).  I was able to drink the entire cup of Coffee Fools Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy blend black and oddly I enjoyed it.

The difference was the Coffee Fool Coffee was fresh and the Coffee Beans where incredible.  The quality was evident when I looked at the beans.  There is a difference in price as well.  A 12oz bag of Starbucks Breakfast Blend at the Grocery Store goes $10.59 on average.  A 12oz bag of Coffee Fool Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy is $24.75.  Don’t get me wrong Coffee Fool has plenty of coffee that is in the $8.00 a 12oz bag range, but the Coffee Fool Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy is among their best offerings and as such is also one of the most expensive coffees they ship out.

We also tried Coffee Fool Flatpicker Fuel which is a terrific blend of Fool’s House Italian and the Extra Fancy Hawaiian Kona.  It’s really got a nice energy lift and tastes great.  Coffee Fool Flatpicker fuel weighs in at only $13.13 for a 12oz bag and is also a lot better than all of the Starbucks coffee that I compared it to.  Last but not least we got to taste the STYX blend which I couldn’t find on their website.  I did find it through a link in Google and it is here if you are interested.  This blend is a stronger, coffee with a great taste.  My wife absolutely loved Styx, while as I said earlier I prefer the lighter beans.  Coffee Fool Styx blend comes in at $13.95 per 12oz bag and is available via the link I provided.

All in all the Coffee Fool Coffee is a great brand providing excellent quality FRESHLY Roasted beans that are far superior to that offered in many other local sources.  I strongly recommend trying them out.  Their main website is at http://www.coffeefool.com

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