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by The Review CrewAugust 30, 2010

The Dynamo 1000 is the largest subwoofer in the Dynamo line, and is especially suited for those with larger viewing rooms.
As the name implies, MartinLogan’s massive sub has a peak output of a full 1,000 watts, double that of the 500 watt RMS.  Designed with efficiency in mind, the Dynamo 1000 uses variable audio tracking power supplies to drive its class AB output stage.  MartinLogan says that this not only provides lower distortion and less noise than a traditional class D amp, but that it delivers a true 500 watts of continuous power.

MartinLogan uses what they call an advanced-technology driver in tandem with a 12 inch diaphragm to deliver sound with high clarity and a low amount of distortion.  The cone is a poly material that blends with MartinLogan’s electrostatic panel and Advanced Thin-Film technologies.

MartinLogan’s Dynamo 1000 boasts a far superior low frequency response thanks to their Inverse Mathematical Equalization filter.  The IME filter is derived by taking the inverse of the unfiltered driver response, which MartinLogan says is far superior to the high-Q filters found on most subs in the class.

The Dynamo 1000 offers a frequency response from 22Hz up to 200Hz, and offers an LPF with a cutoff ranging from 35Hz to 120Hz.  In case of a surround processor that supplies the crossover, the Dynamo’s internal filters can be overridden.

While downfiring by default, the Dynamo 1000 subwoofer can be converted into front firing mode without the use of tools.  Unlike some other subs in this class, such as the DSW Pro, the Dynamo 1000 comes with 90 degree RCA cords and a speaker grill for use in a front firing configuration.

Martin Logan has also ensured that the Dynamo 1000 offers the option for those that want to go wireless.  The built-in receiver makes the Dynamo 1000 compatible with the SWT-1 Wireless Transmitter, making room placement a much simpler process. The Dynamo 1000 is available now from authorized dealers, both on and offline, for $995.

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