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by The Review CrewAugust 30, 2010

Polk’s DSW Pro 600, the spiritual successor to the much beloved PSW 505 sub, is a powered subwoofer capable of working in both front-firing and down firing modes.

The DSW Pro 600 is the most powerful sub in Polk’s DSW Pro line.  It sports a 12” woofer comprised of Composite Polypropylene Cones, and rubber, rather than foam surrounds.  The MDF constructed cabinet is heavily braced to ensure a minimum of cabinet boom, and the slot loaded port helps to eliminate unwanted air noises.

A 250 watt continuous (500 watt peak) amplifier powers the Pro 600.  The DSW series uses what Polk refers to as an Intelligent Digital Amplifier, which cuts down on the amount of power used while operating at low volumes or in standby mode. The DSW Pro 600 also utilizes Feed Forward anti-distortion technology to help cut down on unwanted sound.

Polk does have a reputation for less powerful subs, and while most don’t experience that issue with the Polk DSW Pro 600, some people do report the 600 being a bit quiet for a 250 watt sub.

Rubber feet, which can be unscrewed to reveal spiked feet, are adjustable for placement on surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat.  Additionally, the feet can be removed and placed on the side so that the sub can be used in a front firing mode.  An optional grill – which does not appear to available at this time – can be purchased for use in front firing mode.

Polk’s Pro 600 subwoofer features a remote for adjusting volume, phase and turning on and off the ‘night mode’ which causes the sub to operate “at less intensity” according to Polk.  The remote also lets users to select between four different presets for room placement, helping to get sound optimized.  Unfortunately, the remote is unusable when the sub is placed in a forward firing position.

An LED light indicates status when adjusting settings on the sub, though a more standard volume knob or LED display would have been more useful than a single blinking light.

The Polk DSW Pro 600 offers a variety of input options, including LFE, line level inputs, and 5 way binding posts.

The Polk DSW Pro 600 is available direct from Polk for $679.95

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