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No more salad dressing aisle

No more salad dressing aisle

Modern supermarkets are wonderlands of variety. Countless options line the shelves, from ready-to-cook whole meals to exotic ingredients that expand culinary possibilities. Even when you locate a particular item, you then have to face a whole new batch of options in the form of different flavors or styles. A quick walk down the salad dressing aisle will confirm this. However, as diverse as the choices may be, sometimes the flavor are looking for isn’t there–simply because it doesn’t exist yet.

When looking for that perfect flavor, the Perfect Mix Infuser Bottle can help. The dishwasher-safe 12-ounce glass bottle has an infusing chamber that can be filled with herbs–fresh or dry–and spices. The chamber has tiny holes that let for the herbs and spices gently mix with olive oil.

For those that like to keep their salads simple with a just a little oil and vinegar, the Perfect Mix Oil & Vinegar Bottle offers a solution. Similar to the infuser, but designed specifically for oil and vinegar, the dual-chambered glass bottle provides a 6:1 ratio of oil to vinegar, or allows for a custom blend; buttons on the top of the bottle control the individual spouts.

With the salad dressing under control, the only thing left is to decide on the greenery–but that’s a whole other section of the supermarket.

Featured Articles

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