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Paradigm Servo-15 V2 Subwoofer Review

Paradigm Servo-15 V2 Subwoofer Review

The Basics:

While the Paradigm Servo 15v2 Subwoofer weighs in at 115 lbs. and measures an sizeable 20” H x 18” W x 21” D, it can still be a manageable part of your music system or home theater system. The same can be said for its suggested retail price of $2,500, which makes it affordable.

Subwoofers are crucial components for home theaters in order to deliver dynamic and detailed sound. It can also be vital to support the bass when listening to music. The Servo 15v2 lives up these two functions and integrates easily into high-end home theater systems. In addition, even though it is quite large, it still allows for easy integration into larger and small rooms.

Encased in a sealed, acoustic suspension design enclosure with a 15” woofer in the front, the Servo 15v2 Subwoofer has a die cast aluminum basket, an 8 layer 3” voice coil, solid aluminum heat sink, dual-duty spiders, and a 29 lb magnet structure. It is both state-of-the-art in looks and sound/technical performance.

It’s large size is essential to its performance since it accommodates high-end systems, including placement of high excursion drivers and amplifiers that can deliver 4,500 watts peak as well as 1,500 watts continuous into it. The Servo 15v2’s large size also allows for all the connections and controls most audiophiles need, including single-ended and balanced line-ins, continuously variable phase, crossover, bass contour, volume, and multiple power sources, among many other controls.

The Upside:

Among its “upsides” is the sizeable 15-inch driver that produces powerful dynamic bass response whether you are watching a movie or listening to music. The driver moves a great deal of air to deliver true power.

Integrating the Paradigm Servo 15v2 Subwoofer into your music or home theater system is trouble-free. Thanks to its flexible power settings, controls, and inputs, setup is fairly straightforward. If you are just in the process of designing your system, the Servo 15v2 has many features and benefits to offer.

The Downside:

If you have a two-channel system, you might find it hard to integrate the Servo 15v2 due to an obvious lack of high-level inputs and outputs.  If your preamplifier has two line outs, it’s not a problem.

While the company literature of the Paradigm Servo 15v2 Subwoofer recommends use in larger rooms, it also says it can be easily adjusted into smaller rooms. However, smaller rooms might actually pose a problem due to its physical size alone. Not only might it not fit but it might not even be necessary to boost sound in smaller spaces.


Boosting your bass whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, the Paradigm Servo 15v2 does a remarkable job. Larger spaces will especially experience a big difference since this subwoofer delivers a lot of bass to fill the space. While a multitude of control options does allow it to work in smaller rooms, the Servo 15v2 demonstrates its colossal power and bigger-than-life sound in bigger rooms.

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