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Samsung Glint SCH-u350 Cell Phone Review

by The Review CrewOctober 7, 2010

While it may seem that everyone is obsessed with the latest full-featured phones, there is still the need and want for basic handsets, and the Samsung Glint SCH-u350 answers that call for Alltel customers. The flip phone offers a simple design and ease of use and most importantly, good call quality. Samsung even throws in Bluetooth, but if you’re looking for any type of multimedia features or Web browsing capabilities, look elsewhere. The Samsung Glint is purely for those who simply want a handset for making calls, and the best part is that you can get the phone for free with a one-year contract and after a $30 mail-in rebate.

Being a basic phone, the Samsung Glint doesn’t have a flashy design. Instead, it’s simple and functional with a plain but classic midnight-blue-and-black color scheme. The clamshell handset measures 3.78 inches tall by 1.87 inches wide by 0.76 inch deep and weighs 3.35 ounces, so you’ll have no problem slipping this compact phone into a pants pocket. Also, while lightweight, the Glint doesn’t feel too fragile, though the battery cover is rather plasticky, and the flip mechanism is solid.

On the front, there’s a postage-stamp-size display that shows the usual information (time, date, network strength, battery, message notifications, and photo caller ID. You can also change the contrast, wallpaper, and clock format of the external screen. Above the display, you’ll find the Glint’s VGA camera while the camera activation/capture key is on the right side along with a dedicated speakerphone button, a 2.5mm headset jack, and Samsung’s proprietary power connector. A volume rocker is located on the left side.

Inside, the Samsung Glint offers a 1.9-inch TFT screen that shows 65,000 colors at a 128×160-pixel resolution. With a low resolution, graphics and colors didn’t look all that great, but the display was clear enough for dialing numbers and reading text messages. Like the external screen, you can change the wallpaper as well as adjust the backlight and dialing font size.

Below the display, you’ll find a standard navigation array of two soft keys, Send and End/power buttons, a Clear key, and a four-way directional keypad with a center select key for navigating through the Glint’s menu system, which is easy to use and understand. All the controls are large and roomy so we had no problem with any mispresses. The alphanumeric keypad is also spacious with large and easily readable numbers and letters for dialing numbers and text messaging.

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