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by The Review CrewOctober 18, 2010

Time is running out on fun in the sun. All those activities–like going to the beach, picnicking in the park, or grilling in the backyard–are facing a closing window of opportunity. Soon, the weather will change, and outside activities along with it. The great outdoors, however, will still offer a fantastic assortment of things to do; it’s just that they’ll be a lot colder. Where once outdoor activities were associated with hot dogs and hamburgers, the turning of the season will now replace them with another, great seasonal food: soup.

What’s that you say? You were too busy having fun this summer to learn how to make soup? Well, no worries, the Personal Soup Chef is here to help.

With "minimal human intervention," and for only around $150, the automatic soup-maker handles the entire task. Food-processing blades chop vegetables, and then slowly stir the soup as it cooks. An adjustable temperature range offers the ability to cook from a slow simmer to a rapid boil. The inclusion of a removable basket facilitates in the process of making smooth broths allowing for meat, vegetables, and herbs to be evacuated without the need for an additional strainer. Like any good soup-maker (human or otherwise), the ability to check seasonings as the soup cooks is important; lifting the lid on this unit doesn’t stop the cooking process–although it does signify the end of summer.


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