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U-HAUL Truck Rental Review – Wisconsin 2010

U-HAUL Truck Rental Review – Wisconsin 2010

U-HAUL and moving are like biscuits and gravy; they are both great and not too expensive!  A few days ago we went to our local U-HAUL and rented a 26′ Truck, we needed to move a State away (only about 100 miles) and had a BUNCH of stuff to bring with us.

The first part of the journey was securing the truck the day we needed to.  Since it is still fall I thought maybe I’d have trouble getting one so I booked it in advance online.  You have a few options when you do this, round trip, or one-way.  I was a little concerned about the one-way because I thought it was going to cost an arm and a leg, but I was really surprised to see that it was pretty cheap.  The one-way was a no brainer.

Next was boxes, tapes, and labels.  I needed to find a bunch and I was really worried I wasn’t going to find enough (and the size I needed) in time.  I only had a few days before we were moving and we hadn’t even begun to pack.  I went to a few of the local grocery stores, and walmart sniffing around for empties, had a little luck but nothing substantial.  I knew U-HAUL sold some of the packing material so I took a ride over to the U-HAUL to take a look at the costs and options.

I have to say I was really surprised because they had everything I could ever want and some things I hadn’t even thought of.  They had these straps you could use that let you carry a lot more than you normally can; I wasn’t sure about those so I passed even though it was a great idea.  They had boxes in single quantity and in sets of 10.  I bought 3 sets of 10 and some tape guns.  I also got mattress covers (something I hadn’t even thought of) and markers to label the boxes.  They even had some color coded stickers for rooms (like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc…) so I got some of those.  They just come in handy if you are unloading fast you can just throw the boxes in the areas that are color coded instead of reading each box (and deciphering handwriting lol).

The truck was big, clean and was decent on gas, we ended up getting like 10 miles a gallon I think which is pretty good for a truck that is overstuffed with a house full of goods and furniture.  We got everything packed before we picked up the truck (something I recommend you do) and off we went.  We unloaded the truck, swept it out, filled the tank and brought it to the designated U-HAUL drop.  Originally I was supposed to drop it off at a place 2 miles from my house, but U-HAUL made me an offer of $20 off if I dropped it at a place 8 miles away instead.  (That was also a no-brainer!)

My entire experience was flawless.  I really didn’t like moving, but I really did appreciate U-HAUL for making things easier.  I give U-HAUL in Wisconsin 5 out of 5 stars for this trip.  They really made the experience much easier.

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