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Logitech z623 THX certified 2.1 speaker review

by The Review CrewNovember 21, 2010

I had a chance to take a really good look at the THX certified 2.1 z623 speakers from Logitech. The box was pretty hefty so I had some hope that they might sound pretty good.

Out of the gate I wasn’t expecting too much for two reasons.

1) they are small speakers in plastic cabinets.
2) they don’t cost a lot

In fact, I was a bit concerned about the THX certification as well. I was having thoughts float in the back of my head of certifications meaning very little today; assuming it was simply about the fee for the usage right rather than actual performance. After all, if a sub two hundred dollar set of speakers from Logitech could garner the right to use the logo… how serious could the certification be.

The setup was very straight forward. Simply plug one of the speakers into the sub, the other one has an rs-232 style plug (kind of looks like a small vga plug). Plug the power into the wall and the double ended audio cable in (one into the sub and one into the device you want to listen to).

The reason I was interested in writing about these speakers was I needed a little solution for my kitchen. I needed something that didn’t take up a ton of room, sounded good and was loud enough to listen to. I needed something that was flexible enough for me to plug many devices into, whether it was my cell phone, iPad, iPod, or even a small television.

The first thing plugged into the Logitech z623 speakers was my Verizon Wireless Ipad. I wanted to check out how Hulu sounded so I fired up my playon app and started up a show in my user queue.

It sounded great. So I went into the music selections on my media server and fired up Whitey Ford. The bass was very rich and when I cranked the volume I got loud booming sounds with a really decent frequency range, good solid highs, mid and low sounds. I have to say I was impressed with this little set of speakers.

Logitech has really put together a nice affordable, great sounding solution for folks just like me with the z623’s. You can find them for well under $200 online or in stores. 200 watt rms no distortion… A great value indeed.

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