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NuVision Lucidium FX5 Superslim 55 Inch LED Flatscreen Television Review

NuVision Lucidium FX5 Superslim 55 Inch LED Flatscreen Television Review

ONE POINT FIVE.   You have to really take a moment to digest that number when you look at the NuVision Lucidium FX5 TV.  It’s beautiful, (just like it’s newer 3D Counterpart the FX10) super thin, super slim, and super gorgeous.  1.5″ thick and 55″ wide.  With its  brushed aluminum frame, it dramatically attracts the eye like a beautiful woman entering the room.

The NuVision Lucidium FX5 Television is a great value right now.  If you keep your eye peeled in the next few months you will be able to get some very good deals as they are going to be EOL’ing this unit since it has 120hz refresh rate as they bring out the new televisions with the 240hz refresh rates.   You would be a fool to pass up a good deal on one of these systems as the 120hz refresh rate vs the 240hz refresh rate is not something the average consumer is going to be able to differentiate (as most people don’t know what to look for).  It will absolutely not be a factor in your entertainment experience, and very adequate for 2D viewing.  (Flicker free film like quality at 120 hz).

A few things to keep in mind with the NuVision Lucidium series.   1) Stay away from the LS models.  $1500 extra for a mirror that isn’t really a mirror (it’s not silver like you are thinking it’s just reflective) and the reflective qualities are present when you watch your movies.  It’s distracting and something I would expect to get a discount for not pay an extra $1500.   2) They all have a U-Color option that lets you get the Television in any color you want (they actually do color matching).  This is a huge bonus and you can take the $1500 you saved on the LS model and apply it to this option (same price) to get a television that matches your curtains, rug, couch, theme, whatever.

The warranty is pretty great but short.  We think they should offer a 3 year warranty, but they offer a 2 year warranty.  It’s still a great warranty; you get swap out in the first 30 days of ownership if there is an issue.  After that, you get in home 2 day turn around service.

Now I’ve heard people snicker and say “NuVision they are just rebranded Samsung Panels”.  These folks don’t understand that there are only like 3 manufacturers of panels in the world (of any consequence).  Chances are the television you own has a different brand panel in it.  It’s the electronics, the circuitry and the firmware that make things happen.  To use an analogy it is a lot like saying “Emeril’s fried chicken is just rebranded perdue!”.  I can fry a Perdue Chicken all day and it will never taste like Emeril’s.  It’s all about the spices, seasoning and technique.  The same rings true for televisions.

Here is a blurb from NuVision:

While many TV manufacturers cut corners by opting for mass-produced “HDTV on a chip” technology, NuVision engineers its sets with discrete components fully optimized in-house to achieve the ultimate in performance. Then, NuVision spends 4 to 6 times longer than traditional manufacturers tuning each new chassis to guarantee the best possible image quality.

I’m not sure I’m on board with the “Cut Corner slam”.  The reason being is that most of the manufacturers they are referring to are busy making 500 – 800 dollar televisions for the mass consumer market.  NuVision televisions start at like 4 grand and can go up to what… 12 grand?  I expect that for those prices there are no corners being cut. 

All in all I have to say that I absolutely love the NuVision Lucidium FX5 Superslim 55 Inch LED Flatscreen Television.  It’s been a real joy to review, and everyone that sees them makes a comment about the beauty of the system.  It’s very minimalistic not unlike the Apple designs.

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