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2010 Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller Review

2010 Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller Review

The BOB Revolution stroller is a pretty nice stroller for the sport nut in you.  I’m not sure who actually started the whole “I’m going to go Jogging with my Baby” thing, and I’m not sure if they were actually mentally challenged or what.. but if you want to get on the band wagon of lunatics that think it is a great idea to run with their infant then you will want to get a Bob Revolution Stroller.

Being a father of five children I’m a bit of an authority on just about anything that can happen in the way of children from infant to teen.  I can tell you that there are enough things on this planet that will harm your child without intentionally putting them in harms way.  First of all if your child is small enough to be in a stroller then you need to home taking care of it or have someone do it for you before you go running with your child.  In addition, if your child is big enough (5 or 6) there is no reason not to take them for a light jog with you.  If you want to do something serious then catch a clue and get someone to watch your child.

The BOB Revolution distinguishes itself from the other “jogging” strollers on A Google Products Search by saying “This is a stroller that can literally tackle any of your adventures, from a jog down the street to hitting the Romero Canyon Trail. Unlike other running strollers the Revolution’s running leash attaches at the rear axle, so if you should fall the stroller will stop and not flip over, like the ones that attach to the handle.”  Really?  The stroller isn’t going to flip over?  Wow… See where I’m from if you are jogging with your infant in your stroller and you fall and hurt your infant you better be dead because anyone that witnesses what just happened will come over and beat you to death for being so stupid.  On a Canyon Trail?  REALLY?  You can’t leave your kid with your parents long enough to go out for a Canyon run?  Perhaps you aren’t ready to settle down and have children yet? 

I personally think the division for Child Welfare Services should be monitoring the people that buy joggers so they can put them in jail when they go out and take their child’s life in their hands.

Getting back to the Stroller Review.  The Bob Revolution is very well constructed and as far as Joggers go I’d rate it a 7 out of 10.  It’s $346 bucks which would buy about 50 hours of professional baby sitting service, but hey it’s your child right?

Aweful idea.  Points taken from Bob for enabling people to engage in the activity.  Both parties engaged in the activity of either using jogging strollers for the purpose of running with their child or the construction of said contraptions are in need of a good thrashing.  Since I can’t legally do that I can eviscerate them with the written word.  If you think I’m a lunatic feel free to email in, before you do how about checking out these links to stories about children who are dead now because their parents are morons:





And before you point out that some of this stuff had nothing to do with falling please consider that had these people left their children home they would have been alive.  All of them were out jogging, it’s dangerous enough you don’t need to add to it.

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