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Zagg invisibleSHIELD Full Body Armor for Apple iPad and Verizon Wireless Galaxy Tablet Review

by Todd LarsonDecember 19, 2010

This isn’t the first iPad product we have had from Zagg.  They make a great bluetooth keyboard/case that looks amazing (it’s aluminum and matches your iPad). We reviewed the Zaggmate Bluetooth Keyboard/Case last week.   This Zagg invisibleSHIELD Full Body Armor is a great compliment to it because it is the other part of the equation; how you protect your iPad when it is NOT in the case.

So this is pretty simple fare here.  It’s a plastic/rubbery feeling thin shielding that goes over the front and back of your Verizon Wireless Apple iPad or Galaxy Tablet.  You put it on, it’s pretty easy to apply but a lot of people might be a little distressed over it.  The trick is to get some eye glass cleaner and spray the sticky part of the invisibleSHIELD really well.  Once you have it soaked just put it on and slide it into place.  Then use the little tool provided to squeeze all the liquid and bubbles out of the plastic film.  It takes seconds to apply that way and getting the bubbles out is a breeze.  You won’t have to look far for the eye glass cleaner, it comes with the kit along with the tool.  Zagg provides EVERYTHING.

So right now you are wondering how much it costs.  It’s not cheap it’s about $30 plus shipping (or you can buy them in stores).  The key here is warranty.  Buy the cheapo versions and you don’t get the tools so if you screw up it’s another 15 – 20 bucks.  With Zagg you get everything you need.  In addition, if ANYTHING happens to your protector for LIFE you just go on their website and order a replacement.  Shipping to me was $4.00 when I checked it out, the invisibleSHIELD replacement was FREE.  If you buy it online directly from Zagg ground shipping is cheap and they have a record of your purchase already so ordering a replacement is simple.

All in all this is one heck of a deal and has already saved my iPad at least 3 times from getting scratched.  Check them out you won’t be sorry.

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