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DepthQ HDS3D-1 3D Polarized Stereoscopic Projector Review

DepthQ HDS3D-1 3D Polarized Stereoscopic Projector Review

So a lot of you who are just getting into the 3D home video side of things are probably wondering… How do 3D projector solutions work?  The answer is pretty poorly at this point, which is why you aren’t seeing a lot of 3D projector reviews because companies are afraid to send the gear out (they don’t want bad ink) and magazines are finding better ways to spend their review dollars (3D projector solutions are costly right now).

That said if you are looking for a solution that actually works extremely well and  can afford it, you will need to pick up the solution offered by DepthQ.

They start off with a modified Infocus projector they call the HDs3D-1 Stereoscopic Video Projector.  It runs for about $3,000 USD (give or take).  You will need a nice quad-core computer with one of the Nvidia 3D Vision enabled cards in it, which will run you between 2 – 3,000 as well.  In addition you need a DepthQR Polarization Modulator – Model #: CPR 80×86 which will run about $6,000 USD and a Stewart Film Silver Screen (Another 2 – 3,000).

So what to you get for your $18-$20,000 USD?  Quite a bit actually.  It’s definitely a “If you have to ask you can’t afford it” solution, but you get cinema quality 3D on 120 inches of screen in your house using passive glasses (the glasses you get from the movie theater… any of the Real 3D glasses work well).

The entire operation of it happens on your computer, which can be controlled with an iPad (if you spent $20k on your home theater gear not including seats, speakers, etc.. you probably have at least one iPad).  You fire up a copy of “Stereoscopic Player” and double click on the movie you have converted, or use the computer’s blu-ray player and presto… 3D in your home.

You don’t have to worry about the kids breaking the glasses, you can get them “Free” at the movie theater, or you can order them online (for about $3 each).  You can have those large parties of friends over for 3D viewings and you can definitely look like you are technically proficient.

The best way to describe how the modulator works is by quoting a forum response by a forum reader named Likay who said: “This modulator is intended for usage with a projector (ie the depthq) with shuttercapability. The modulator changes the polarization according to the shutterfrequency of the projector and of course needs to be synced with the projector. The resulting beam from the projector is a shuttered L/R beam with different polarizations for the left and right eye. You need a silverscreen and passive polarized glasses for viewers.”

It’s pretty complicated stuff, but DepthQ seems to have handled it fine and made setup a breeze.  The staff at DepthQ (Lightspeed Designs) are friendly, intelligent and very responsive.  Support issues are fielded instantly, which is why they are popular to the affluent folks that can afford their solutions.

Check them out at

We give this solution a 5 out of 5 star ranking, and a 2011 Editor’s Choice Award.

2011 Reviewboard Magazine Editor's Choice Award

2011 Reviewboard Magazine Editor's Choice Award

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