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Grandstream Networks GXV3175 Multimedia Phone Review

Grandstream Networks GXV3175 Multimedia Phone Review

Nowadays the thought of using a phone that actually rests on a countertop seems obsolete with all the cell phones and iPads filling up our pockets as we navigate through our busy lives. Grandstream Networks is changing up the rules by offering a home phone that actually sits on a countertop. No, this isn’t a nostalgic flashback to 1987 and the GXV3175 is not your grandmother’s rotary antique. The GXV3175 is a multimedia desktop phone that offers everything you need in our fast paced technological world with convenience and reliability without the glitches of so many video conferencing phones. 

So what does the GXV3175 have to offer consumers? For starters the desktop multimedia phone has a 7’’ 800×480 resistive touch screen that enables you to make state of the art video conference calls with ease and clarity. A touch panel navigation method enables easy learning of the phones plethora of features. Unlike the previous model, the GXV3140, the GXV3175 offers no buttons to press. This will feel strange to consumers used to feeling the click of a button to signify that their command has been processed. However, the touch screen offers a visual and auditory prompt to show that your command has been understood. The sleek design of the GXV3175 is efficient and easy on the eyes with no clutter making the multimedia phone aesthetically easy to operate. 

The GXV3175 offers many features that will serve the purpose of any consumer in the market for an IP multimedia phone. Along with the standards such as Caller ID, Call Waiting and three-way conference, the GXV3175 ups the ante by providing a built-in web browser, RSS News, weather forecasts, internet radio, media player, picture viewer, games, calculator, alarm clock, file manager, YouTube, Google Voice and more. Basically everything you need to stay in touch with your friends and family as well as the world the GXV3175 offers in one complete package. 

The GXV3175 comes complete with hardware specifications and it shows that Grandstream Networks didn’t skimp on anything. Ethernet Ports (auto-sensing Dual switched 10M/100M), Tilt Capable 1.3M pixel CMOS camera with privacy shutter (VGA) and auxiliary ports (RCA Type Stereo and Media output port, 3.5mm stereo headset port, 2 x USB port and a SD card slot). The phone can handle three separate SIP accounts. Embedded wi-fi and HD in the handset and speakerphone offer crystal clear communication right out of the box. The video features of the GXV3175 provide anti-flickering of images, auto exposure and zoom capabilities as well as PIP (Picture-in-Picture), a video phone book and visual voice message indicator. The GVX 3175 provides security and protection via TLS/SRTP/AES. 

The question that remains is why use a phone when a computer can do the same things. For one there is the ease of use that GXV3175 offers. Unlike a PC, which needs to boot up, the GXV3175 is ready to go whenever you are. Having an all in one package that performs exceptionally well is ideal for the busy lifestyles that well have. For Internet use, the GXV375 offers everything one would need to be viral. The GXV3175 is equipped with all the social media applications such as Skype (without having to set up a headset and configure the microphone), Facebook and Twitter as well as IM with Google, Yahoo and MSN. The user can also customize the different widgets on the touch screen for quick access to what is most important to them. The ease of use the GXV3175 provides makes this multimedia phone a powerful tool for all your phone, video conferencing and Internet needs. 

The makers of the GXV3175, Grandstream Networks, are a leader in IP video/voice telephone surveillance solutions. The company continually provides products with exceptional sound and picture quality and perhaps most importantly, offers a broad interoperability with most service providers. As we all know nothing is worse than having a great new piece of technology in your home that doesn’t connect with any of your existing providers. 

The GXV3175 multimedia IP phone provides easy access to virtually all your Internet and phone needs. With the 7’’ LCD screen it has never been easier to conduct video conferencing with family and friends as well as co-workers. The Internet capabilities supply everything a consumer needs to be in the loop concerning their immediate world as well as the world as a whole. Grandstream Networks has created a phone that outdoes itself in ease of use and technological advancement. For a market price of $369, the GXV3175 is affordable, convenient, and possesses everything you want for your phone and Internet needs in a sleek, small device that does its job well.

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