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Kett Tool Saw KS-444

Kett Tool Saw KS-444

MSRP $485

Yes, another toy for us to play with! We love to saw things around here. We saw plywood, particle board, tiles — sometimes we even saw lovely assistants in half and then put them back together. We don’t actually do that last one, but if we did we might consider using the the KS-444. It’s a hand held panel saw with enough versatility to tackle pretty much any cutting we need to do. Whether you’re a craftsman with a home workshop, a professional carpenter or just a weekend builder this is a great asset to your tool shed or garage.

The KS-444 saw allows for freedom of movement, much more than a stationary vertical or horizontal panel saw. You can go directly to your work instead of having to bring the work to the saw. It’s a pretty tough customer too. This saw will find it’s way through aluminum up to about 1/8th of an inch thick. That’s enough to cut storm gutters. The 444 will also cut through hard plastics like Lucite, Formica, Micarta, Panelyte and Plexiglas. That makes it ideal for your home remodeling needs and because it travels well it can save you time and effort climbing stairs. Fiberglass is a cinch to slice as well. Plywood and pressed board are no problem either.

If you need to saw pipe there’s a lot you can do with the 444. It can slice through brass, copper, lead, hard and soft aluminum and even mild steel (up to 24 gauge). An eighth of an inch is about as far as you can go with the blades that are provided, however.  If you find that you need to cut through material a little heavier and a little tougher you do have options. The Kett company does have other blades available, such as the 2-1/2 inch. These are additional purchases and do not come standard with the KS-444 kit.

The saw is pretty light weight coming in at just seven pounds. It has a good look and feel. At about a foot and a half long it has great maneuverability. The pistol grip makes it even easier to handle. Another great thing about this saw is that you can make a plunge cut right in the middle of your material and you’re good up to 1-1/16” deep. The circular blade makes a clean cut that won’t burn the material. It will leave it ready for you to apply your desired finish. The most you might have to do is a little low grade sanding.

The KS-444 is run by a 5.0 AMP, 2500 RPM motor, more than enough power. The standard 3-1/2 inch circular blade is protected by a spring action blade guard which doesn’t protect the blade from you, it protects you from the blade. Treat your tools right and they’ll treat you right.

The saw kit also comes in a sturdy metal carrying case with a set of four circular saw blades and adjusting wrenches.

All said, this is a handy sawing tool that gives you great movement and will allow you to easily tackle most of your carpentry or pipe fitting needs. It’s versatility will save you time and money and not only that, it’s under five hundred dollars so you can save a few sawbucks in the bargain.

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